Tales of Memo- Its Connection with Math Assignment & Its Role in Students’ Lives

As per GameAnalytics, the number of mobile gamers grew from 1.2 billion people in 2020 to 1.75 billion every month, thereby marking an increase of 46%. In fact, consumers spend at least $19 billion on mobile games in 2020, which represented the largest quarter yet. Thus, it is no surprise that the mobile gaming industry is taking our lives by storm. Whether you want to kill time in the queue or improve your critical thinking skills, mobile games always come in handy. 

But did you know that mobile games can also act as a math problem solver? Recently, I read an interview with Tenday’s Studio Founder and animation director, Wilfreed Trottet, on Indie Pick. Wilfreed Trottet explained how his daughter’s math assignment paved the way for the Apple Arcade title- Tales of Memo. Tales of Memo is now of the most popular memory games available on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. So, let’s see how this quirky and smart memory puzzle game, Tales of Memo, got inspired by a child’s math assignment and its role in students’ lives. 

Tales of Memo and Math Assignment- What’s the Connection?

Before revealing the connection, let’s learn a bit more about the founder of Tales of Memo- Wilfreed Trottet. He has been working for over 20 years in the gaming industry as an animation team lead and animation director for different companies. So, the idea for this game originated from a conversation he has with his daughter, who was apparently struggling to complete her math assignment. Like ay school student, math was a dreaded subject for his daughter too. Thus, he wanted to show that logic and math can be fun to practice with only if they can be done in a playful manner. That’s what inspired Wilfreed Trottet to design an amazing memory game, Tales of Memo, for people of all ages. 

Once you learn what the game is about and how it’s played, it will be easier for you to determine its connection with your math assignment. So, let’s begin. 

What Exactly Is Tales of Memo?

Tales of Memo is a super cute memory puzzle game that intends to boost your interest in mathematics while strengthening your critical thinking skills. Here’s what happens in this game:

  • You need to accompany the Memo and his friends while they are on a journey through a frozen landscape. 
  • It isn’t as easy as it sounds. There are several battling enemies that you have to tackle throughout the journey. 
  • You need to locate and find matching spell numbers to attack and inflict damage on your enemy. You will find the numbers after opening chests on the game board. 
  • Your main job would be to pick each number wisely and combine them to inflict as much damage as possible on your enemies so that they aren’t able to fight back. 
  • That means, if you match two fours and two sixes, your attack would be a ten. 
  • The game offers special boxes your way. The boxes can contain multipliers that increase the intensity of your attack. It can also have negative numbers, which lower the intensity of your attack or simply a ‘?’, which can have a wide range of possibilities. 

Tales of Memo is one of the best games to improve your memory skills and reflexes. You need to try to help Memo get his memory back while memorising and matching numbers to battle the enemies in the game. Have your children been experiencing problems while working on math assignments? You can try encouraging them to play memory games such as Tales of Memo to help them get the hang of numbers and basic mathematical operations. 

Four Ways Memory Games Make Students’ Lives Easier 

Memory games like the Tales of Memo aren’t meant for just killing time. These games can help students and children nurture their imagination, develop key cognitive skills and improve their ability to focus and listen. All kinds of memory games require you to use your memory to complete the levels. In the case of Tales of Memo, it also requires you to memorise and implement the basic mathematical operations. So, let’s see how memory puzzle games act as a boon for students:

Helps the kid acquire critical thinking skills 

A child’s thinking skills are measured on the basis of her/his mental aptitude to process information, create new ideas, make decisions, ask questions, organise information and so on. And a memory puzzle game is about all the activities mentioned here. Moreover, these games also provide good visual memory aid to help children develop critical thinking skills. 

Strengthens problem solving skills 

In games such as Tales of Memo, you need to develop a strategy to match the numbers, overcome challenges and battle enemies. This entire process sharpens your analytical thinking skills, problem-solving skills and even patience. In reality, certain mathematical problems may take hours to solve. So, chances are your kid can solve those problems too without getting frustrated. 

Boosts cognitive skill development 

Good memory puzzle games help strengthen individual skills like social skills, good eye contact, communication, etc. Cognitive skill development in a child determines whether or not that child is able to process and retain new information, think critically and apply their knowledge in a progressive manner. Playing in a stimulating environment helps your child develop their brain and boost their focus and confidence. 

Enhances visual perception 

Children often find it difficult to identify, assess, understand and interpret a set of different objects from others like symbols, shapes, colours, patterns, forms, etc. Memory games help your kids improve visual perceptual skills to an extent where they are able to visualise the right outcomes. These games also play an integral part in improving language and vocabulary. 

As you can see, memory games like Tales of Memo have several unique benefits, especially for children or students. These games can help your child train her little mind, sharpen her analytical thinking skills, improve focus, make her a great mathematician and so on. 

Wrapping Up, 

Every coin has two sides. Similarly, memory puzzle games like the Tales of Memo have both pros as well as cons. The pros are it helps you get the hang of numbers and basic mathematical operations. Your kid enjoys the time while strengthening her memory skills, critical thinking skills, etc. Now, let’s talk about the cons. Too much of anything takes a toll on a certain aspect of life. So, spending too much time on these games can take a toll on your child’s social life, affect her eyes and even create a distance between you and your kid. So, the game is amazing. But, you need to set a specific time for that for your child. 

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