The most comfortable space in the entire world is our house, we can sit anywhere, do whatever we want, and the place is even more comfortable than any other room in the house. our bedroom is our comfort materialised. After a long tiring day, all that one does is crash on the bed and sleep soundly. 

Therefore, it becomes very important for us to style the bedroom in such a way that there is no compromise between the style and comfort of our bedroom. Both of them should be balanced in such a manner that we do not have to adjust in the absence of any of them.

Fixing the right things at the right place for ease of access is a prerequisite in the bedroom. We will never want to hunt down the entire room to find a specific thing. Besides this, a bedroom in the ordinary sense is a package of everything, be it our dressing room or a room to lie and rest in.

In this article, we will discuss how to add a dresser with a mirror to your room furniture.


This is one way of accommodating mirrored dressers to your room furniture. Sometimes when there is a shortage of space, one can use such cupboards that give two-sided areas, both meant for different purposes. 

One side of the door of the cupboard can be utilised for using the inner space of the cupboard for keeping clothes or other articles. 

While the other side of the cupboard can be used as a dresser and a mirror attached to the body of the cupboard.

This helps in solving the purpose of two-in-one furniture and helps in saving space issues that might arise and which is very common these days.


This is another way of accommodating mirrors with dressers in a compact space.

 Every room has an unused wall, the one on which we do not hang stuff and is left idle.

Attaching a mirror on such a wall can help in solving the issue of arranging a mirror in the room, while the issue of accommodating a dresser can be solved with the help of a bedside stool or a table.

Most of us have a stool or bedside table attached to have easy access to some of the important items such as medicines, bottles, clocks, etc.

This stool or bedside table can act as a dresser and make room for itself among the other bedroom furniture.

What’s more useful is that the stool can have multiple drawers to store more and multiple things at one time at a single place.


Dressing tables are essentially essential items for girls. It is a must-existing item in the bedroom of a girl among all the furniture items available.

 For all the beauty and glamour they shed all day, they do need some space in the morning to sit down comfortably and get ready.

For this purpose, one can go for cornered-dressing tables. These tables are specially designed in such a manner that they can fit in very compact areas such as a corner of the room and have a number of drawers attached to them that help in storing multiple items in one place.

These tables come with a mirror attached to them because what will a girl do of a dressing table if she cannot behold herself in the mirror!

The only thing to keep in mind is that the dressing table should be placed at such a corner that has sufficient access to natural light, this helps in reflecting the true image of the person in the mirror.


Mirrored dressing tables can also be created when one actually does not have a space religiously for placing a table. 

One can use a personal open storage area, such as a cabinet with shelves to store stuff. 

The shelves can act as drawers and one can fix a mirror in the middle of the cabinet, keeping in mind the symmetry of the cabinet and making space for something innovative and creative among all the furniture items in the room.

This is one of the most space-saving techniques of placing a dresser along with a mirror while also maintaining the interiors of the bedroom.

One can give it a classy look by placing mirrors that are decorated and the ones the design of which match both, the other furniture present in the room and the base of the cabinet.

These are certain ways in which one can add a dresser with a mirror in the bedroom furniture. The ideas are many, one can customise the way and add innovation to the technique of making such additions. One only needs to take care and pay heed to the aesthetic factor present in the room. Making such additions should not make the room look odd, the adjustments should be made in such a manner that it looks pretty and solves the purpose of its installation at the same time

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