How to Crack the IIT JEE Exam?

One of the most competitive and difficult exams—IIT JEE is a prerequisite for students aspiring to take admission in the top engineering colleges in India. Every year lakhs of students register and sit for this exam. Divided into JEE Main and JEE Advanced, these exams cover vast topics and can be overwhelming when preparing for the first time. Having said that, with hard work and strategies one can easily crack this exam without turning this into a nightmare. 

For preparing any competitive exam, self-study is of utmost importance and many students attend coaching classes to enhance their skills and clear the concepts. There are many best schools in Faridabad like Dynasty International School that offers the special intensive training programs to their senior students. It’s a blend of both the things for some while for others its self-study. Looking at the previous years question papers helps. Let’s take a look at the tips that can be a game-changer.

Back to Basics

It’s no brainer that for preparing this exam, NCERT books are the base. While this is the case, many students take up reference books first which is not the right approach. If the concepts are not clear then it might pose as an issue later on. For a strong foundation, these books are a must. Reference books do help in understanding the concepts better and provide questions to practice, once the basics are strong choose the right reference books, the one that explains every concept in simple language to grasp. Learn the formulas on and they should be on tips. These will help in cracking the answer quickly in the examination.

If required, get a board and paste the formulas on it and look at its minimum 4-5 times a day until it is registered in your mind. 

Exam Pattern

Knowing the exam pattern would help strategize for the paper. In multiple-choice questions, 4 marks for every correct answer and one mark will be deducted for incorrect answers. For numeric questions, there are no negative questions. Grasp the concepts on Maths, Chemistry and Physics. 

Inquisitive Mind

While preparing for this exam, have the curiosity to understand a particular theory, question it before blindly cramming it. It’s good to question the theories and concepts now and then for better understanding. This approach will widen your understanding of the concept. Mugging concepts would lead you nowhere. In daily life as well, this approach can prove helpful. 

Managing Time

Utilising time is art when preparing for competitive exams. The idea is to effectively complete a task on time and keeping a track of time in attempting mock tests and revision would help. Many apps can be used to organize the day. Print the calendar and paste it on the wall to give reminders.  

Solving Mock Tests

After the concepts are clear, practice is what’s going to make or break the deal. Pull out the old questions papers and mock tests and start practicing. The next important task comes after the mock test that is to review the mock tests. Carefully review the test and find out where you went wrong, how much time you took to complete the test and make notes to improve in the next mock test. Another helpful tip is to jot down the points to see which concepts are still not cleared and work upon them. Build up the confidence and track the weak and strong areas. In the question paper, there is always a percentage of questions that are difficult and some percentage is easy. 

Online Coaching

These days online coaching is taking over. From the comfort of home, students can gain knowledge and prepare for the exam. In this digital era, online classes are taking over the traditional classes. It’s not only the IIT online courses but material, live sessions are available for other exams as well such as NEET to medical online courses. Online coaching has several benefits as compared to traditional teaching methods and during the time of pandemic when everyone was reduced to homes. Online classes came to the rescue. There was no hindrance in the learning process and students continue to prepare for the exams. 


When there are a few weeks left for the exam, drop everything and start revising. Revision is a crucial part of this process and at this time, try not to learn any new concept. It’s futile and would waste a lot of time. Recite formulas and have confidence in preparation. Revision etched the concepts giving the confidence to attempt the exam. 

Taking a Break

While preparing for any exam, it can be quite overwhelming and can lead to stress, anxiety. Exam anxiety is real and many students suffer from it but for some, it causes more problems than the usual. Therefore, taking frequent breaks to rejuvenate is necessary. Unwind your mind and release the stress that has been weighing you down. Try to engage in activities or hobbies that bring relief and happiness. Staying up in the room all day studying the whole day becomes monotonous. Listen to music, go for a walk and watch a movie to remain fit, mentally and physically.

A day or two before the exam, there is another preparation that every student has to do. It involves getting the printout of the admit card, sleeping on time and calculating the distance from home to the exam centre. On the day of the exam, take buffer time into account and reach the centre before time. This way two disasters can be avoided. First, if a student arrives late to the centre and is allowed in. It would take some time to calm down and attempt the paper. This can shake the confidence of the student. Second, arriving late would mean the entry is prohibited. This would mean wastage of effort. 

That was all on the preparation of IIT JEE exams! With these tips, students will have clarity and wouldn’t deviate from the path that is cracking the paper and getting into their dream college. After all, education plays a key role in deciding the future.

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