How to Deal with Leaky Windows during the Rainy Season

Do you think that rainy days can be enjoyed in the best way inside your home while having a good book and a comfy couch? Well, nothing can actually spoil the sight of seeing water flowing on the windows. Towels and buckets might be the immediate need of the hour during those rainy days, but what causes leaky windows? Read further to know about them. 

Window leaks might take place due to several reasons. Typically, this happens if there are windows that have been poorly installed or have worn parts that have led to a breakdown of sealing components. If the windows are leaking, then you might be having a significant problem. That can be the reason for some damage to your valuable house such as mold and mild growth or wood rot. It is advised not to ignore the problem of leaky windows and get them repaired or replaced without delay. You need to look for efficient emergency glaziers in Sussex where the professionals can help to solve the problem of leaky windows. 

Causes of window leakages

  • Old house – If you are having an old house, then a common problem is window leakages. Due to extreme temperatures and sudden change in weather, windows might not remain waterproof or air-tight for a long time. The window frames usually get damaged and glazing seals may break or the entire unit can be out of square.
  • Window leakages when there is no rain – Many people find water on the windows when there are no rains and assume there is some leakage somewhere. But it might be window condensation only. Interior window condensation can occur due to excessive moisture in the house which usually takes place during the winter months when warm air inside the house condenses on the cold windows. On the other hand, exterior window condensation is just due that takes place when windows are colder than the dew point. Thus, the condensation between window panes takes place when the seal between the panes gets broken or when drying agent inside the windows becomes saturated.
  • Bad glass seal – If there is water inside the window between glass panes, then it is certainly a bad glass seal. This might not mean that water is leaking inside your house but it means your widows have already lost insulation gas which makes them less energy efficient than they had been when new.
  • Improper window sealant – If your caulk or window sealant has some gaps or cracks, then chances are water will enter inside your house. The leakages might cause damage to the frame thus, leading to further damage to your valuable property.
  • Wall leakagesWhen there are stains at the top of window frame, this means the leakage is due to a leak in the walls. You should try to inspect the walls for sealing cracks or gaps and then re-seal them for solving this issue.

Tips to prevent window leaks

  • Search for installers to hire – The easiest way to avoid the windows from further leakage is to ensure that they have been installed properly in the first time. Make sure you hire a certified and an experienced contractor for repairing and replacing the windows soon.

  • Install windows that are weather resistant – The next thing to do is install windows that have better features of weather resistance. Choose windows that are made of moisture-resistant materials, thick multi-chamber sub frame components and fusion-welded sub-frame.

  • Caulk the windows – It is quite easy to fix the problem of window seals for temporary solution. You can begin with an economical caulking gun from the local store. Check the window frames properly to find out any leakage. You may want to get rid of old caulk and paint by using a large screwdriver, stiff brush or putty knife. The area should be dry so that you do not seal in the moisture. Try to cut the tip of caulking cartridge at an angle of a 45-degree and then insert in the dispenser. You may caulk all the joints in a window frame, joint between the frame and the wall and individual leaks.
  • Add weather stripping – Though caulking might work for sealing up the gaps and cracks on immovable window parts, weather stripping can be used for forming air-tight barriers on movable window parts. You will come across different types of weather stripping to select from that include – self-stick plastic vinyl, reinforced foam, metal and tape. Make sure you consider attractiveness, visibility and cost of the stripping from inside and outside the window, as well as ease of installation and durability.

So, are you looking to assess or replace the leaky windows? If yes, then you need to get in touch with glaziers in Sussex who will evaluate the windows carefully and offer cost estimation for getting them replaced with new windows.

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