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How to download instagram video

How To Download Instagram Video

How to download Instagram video? You can download Instagram videos easily through online free tools and applications. I will cover how to save Instagram videos, private stories, and pictures through simple methods. These steps I’m about to show you to be very easy for you to download videos from Instagram.

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How do I download a video from Instagram to my phone?

First, the easiest way to download private Instagram videos by using the Android/iOS app on a mobile phone. Follow the simple step method to save Instagram video on a cellphone. You found a video that you want to download.

Simple steps

  • Step1: You have to download the “Instagram video downloader” from Playstore/Appstore.

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  • Step2: After that, open Instagram Click on the target video which you want to download.

how to download instagram videos

  • Step3: Tap on a three-dot on the right upper side of the video.
  • Step4: Then, you need to copy the link to the target video.

Instagram video download through link, how to download private instagram videos

  • Step5: Open the application again. The copied link is automatically pasted inside the application, and you don’t need to do anything.
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download instagram app
  • Step6: The video download will show a menu on the screen. First, you need to click the download button there on the bottom side.

how to download instagram videos on android, how to download private instagram videos, how to download instagram live videos of others

  • Step7: Then, click the download button. You will see it has saved the video to your photos gallery or on the videos folder.

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How can I download a video from Instagram to my computer?

How to save Instagram videos to your iPhone. Every person knows Instagram doesn’t allow or provide any option and feature to download videos from Instagram followers.

  • Step1: Open Instagram on Google Chrome browser.
  • Step2: You have to find the video, which you can go to download.
  • Step3: Open the target video.
  • Step4: Then, copy the URL link of the video.
  • Step5: After that, you can use online free Instagram videos, pictures, stories, DP, and a profile downloader tool called ingramer
  • Step6: Click there, and paste the copied URL into the box.
  • Step7: Then click on the search.
  • Step8: You see that the target video shows with a download button on the bottom side. Just click on the Download button to download the video.

What is the best app to download IG videos?

  1. Fastsave for Instagram
  2. Quick Save
  3. Aloinstagram
  4. InsTake Downloader
  5. InstaGet
  6. Ingramer
  7. InstaLoadGram
  8. Instant Save

What is the safest Instagram Video Downloader?

There are many tools which you can use to download Instagram video, photos, and stories. You need a video link to download the target video in every tool, no need to sign up on a separate application or tool. InstaOffline is a hundred percent secure online free tool to download Instagram post videos.

Is it legal to download IG videos?

Yes, it’s legal. You can download Instagram videos, photos, and stories. Everybody can download the Instagram video for only individual use. After that, if anybody abuses copyrights, then Instagram will not be responsible for any action taken against the violated person.

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