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How to Increase YouTube watch Time with Great Guest Post?

We use a lot of services in and techniques in order to promote our content online, or we use the content marketing services offered by several sites. These several techniques, like use of keywords, use of backlinks, use of content marketing strategies, are addressed at helping the sites in the search engine optimization. 

Things work almost the same way on YouTube as well. We crave a lot for getting our YouTube channels in the reach of as many people as possible. The more people like and subscribe to our channels and watch, the more are we able to benefit from it, as well as monetize our income from it. 

YouTube says that they focus on those videos that increase the amount of time the viewer stays on their channel. They also focus on how much the viewers are watching the successive videos of the channel. 

Once you go on YouTube, there is a lot of pressure on you to attract the viewers and that too those viewers who will keep on watching your video for a long time, or in fact the complete video. Therefore, there are several ways in which you can increase your YouTube video watch time:

Begin on an Awesome Note:

When we are taught to write essays, the first things we are asked to focus on is the title of our work and then its introduction. Even great guest post writers focus on their title and introduction, so that they are able to keep their readers stuck on their content, and also benefit their site as well as the site they are offering their guest post services to. 

In a similar manner, on YouTube you need to start with a proper hook statement so that your viewers are immediately attracted to your video at least for the initial few seconds. As a matter of fact, the first 15 seconds are the crucial seconds of your video. 

Therefore, there are a few advice that must be obeyed in order to benefit from your YouTube channel. First of all, either use your personality or some visuals in order to hook your readers initially. Make it a point to speak directly to the viewer and not the audience as a whole. 

You may also start by stating some fact or asking some question in order to hook the reader. Understand what the viewer might be expecting in a short clip and then go about your video accordingly.

If you use the major and that too interesting parts of your video in the initial stages of your video, then your viewer will be glued to your video. For those viewers who come to your video or let say stumble upon it seeing the title and thumbnail, do make it a point to offer them something that they are expecting. 

Also, in order to hook the readers and come up to their expectations, do not start with the logo of your challenge, rather get straight to your point. 

Break the video into parts:

If you are planning to make a long video, rather than saying all at once, break it into parts or chapters. Just like we have chapters in our books, similarly YouTube chapters understand content much better. 

For this purpose, you will have to decide how to break up your videos into certain segments. Keep in mind that each chapter must have at least one compelling moment which should usually be in the introduction followed by a convincing narrative. You may also use outlines in this process.

Pattern interrupt can be included:

Whether your viewer sticks to your video, or they leave in between depends only on one thing, that is, engagement. If the patterns in your video keep on changing, it will keep the viewers hooked to it else they will leave your video. 

When same kind of images and content keeps on repeating, people may get a feeling of monotony and the bounce rate may increase. But, if you increase pattern interruptions, they can keep the viewers glued for a long time. 

A pattern interrupt is nothing but a technique to bring a change in particular behaviour, thought or situation. This technique is also used in behavioural psychology. In order to interrupt or change the thought patterns and behaviours. There are a few pattern interrupt techniques which can be used like on-screen graphics, B-role, and frequent camera angle change. 

Research the keywords:

Great guest post writers manage to excel in the task by working a lot on their keywords as a technique of search engine optimization. 

Keywords help a lot to gather a lot of traffic to your site and even to your video. One cannot ignore the importance of video saying that the videos do not require them. 

As a work on your content development ideas, make sure you research your keywords for YouTube which happens to be the second largest search engine in the world. 

For this purpose, there is a keyword tool available where you can type topic that is related to your niche and then understand the search interest. You can also use YouTube’s autocomplete suggestions for the same.

Resort to competitive analysis can also be an option wherein you can research your competitors and analyse what they are doing on YouTube, from their keywords, tags, etc. on the content they deliver. They may also use the comments that they get for their videos.

Remember that you don’t have to copy what they are doing. Rather, use the information to understand your target audience and how to attract them. You may also use this process in order to find what are your competitors missing on, in order to hook their audience. 

Story telling:

This technique works for those users who use videos as a medium of learning. You may transform your video in the form of a story and keep the readers entertain. Find out ways to convey your story in a unique and interesting manner so that your viewers keep watching. 

YouTubers like V Sauce and Nas Daily, serve the purpose of both educating the viewers as well as entertaining them. No matter how long your story is, convert it into an entertaining one. 


Coming into contact with like-minded people, who share a purpose and vision similar to your brand, to tell their stories. By collaborating with each other, you can draw double viewers to your channel, that is, even your partners viewers. And this way you can expand your channel. 

Treat this partnership as just a partnership and not like influencer marketing. Guest collaborations give us a feeling of shared values and authenticity. 

Work on longer videos:

Short videos need bigger viewership to match for the watch time of longer videos with fewer viewers. In case, you make longer videos, you will have to work less on content marketing services and can use these videos to attract the target audience rather than all the audience. 

This way you can still get the watch time that the YouTube algorithm may like. You may also use a strategy to expand your existing shorter videos. 

Form a series:

A series of YouTube videos would result in a longer watch time because here you have connected a series of videos together Make sure that you use those videos that have the most views, for your playlist and then you can contribute using more items. 

Use YouTube analysis:

Analysing your YouTube channel may give you and insight into views of your videos and channel. You can analyse your viewership and see data on your videos themselves and then you may go back to your content and correct whatever went wrong. 

Using these ways you can increase the YouTube video watch time on your channel and get a lot of subscribers accordingly. 

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