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How to Make Your Kitchen Exhaust Fan Look Like a New One

The kitchen exhaust system is essential for keeping the cooking area clean and free of debris and oil. However, in this whole process, a lot of dirt gets accumulated on the exhaust fan.  As a result, it necessitates thorough cleaning to keep it running well in the long run.

When your kitchen exhaust fan begins to look gross and dirty, it’s high time for cleanliness. After all, its regular cleaning and maintenance is the key to keeping it looking new.

Understand that the cleaning process comprises of two main factors:

  • Cleaning housing and fan blades
  • Keeping the filters and vent system dirt-free

Of course, expert cleaning is required once a year. But cleaning the kitchen vent system manually whenever possible can help it last longer and look like new.

However, begin to execute the how to increase kitchen exhaust fan’s life with these effective cleaning tips below.

Efficient Cleaning Tips to Make Kitchen Exhaust Fan Look New

Prepare Before Cleaning

If you are gonna clean the exhaust fan on your own, you need to begin with preparing for precautions. Wear everything like masks, gloves, and so on to keep yourself protected from the dirt. Gloves would be beneficial in preventing any grease buildup on hands. This is because it can get stuck in between the nails or hands.

You can also go through the tutorials or videos to learn how to disassemble and assemble the exhaust fan after cleaning. Also, you can learn how to disconnect any cords or wirings connected to the fan.

Mesh Cleaning is Essential

If your kitchen exhaust fan comprises a mesh, uninstall them and clean them efficiently. Firstly, boil some water and pour it into the mesh. Now, make a solution by adding some ammonia and water. Dip the mesh in this solution. After an hour, take the mesh out of the mixture and gently scrub it.

Grease Removal

You can remove grease using acidic chemicals. Make a solution using the hot water and chemical and spray the mixture on the blades. The sharpness of the chemicals will readily eliminate all of the accumulated grime and dust. However, to protect yourself from harmful chemicals, make sure you use gloves and masks.

Clean the Fan Blades

The fan blade cleaning can be the most challenging task of all. Here, again you will have to create a solution of soap and water, add some baking soda and a 1/2 cup of ammonia. Now, blend the mixture well and put the blades in it. If you do not want to dip the blades in the mixture, wear gloves and masks and then use a soft cloth to scrub the fan blades.

Not all of the dirt, though, would be greasy. As a result, cleaning the new dust buildup will be simple, making the rest of the process go more smoothly. Remove the dust from the mesh or the fan with a piece of cloth.

Clean the Filter

The next thing that comes is filter cleaning. How to do so?

Take 1 cup cleaning solution in a container or pan with the filter dipped in it. Continue to add the solution one at a time until the filter is completely submerged in the mixture.

Now, let the filter rest for 20-30 minutes so that the cleaning solution dissolves and easily removes the grime and grease. Afterward, carefully begin the filter scrubbing using a bristle or soft sponge brush. This way, the dirt or grease accumulated will come off with ease.

Once the efficient filter cleaning is over, rinse it using hot water and remove any leftover mixture or residues.

Preventive Maintenance Measures

Like maintaining other household items for their longevity and increased appeal, creating a cleanliness checklist of exhaust fans is also vital. After all, the kitchen area needs to be kept healthy.

If the repairs are too expensive and the aesthetics can no longer be achieved with regular cleaning, replacing them with new ones is the best option. Proper maintenance, on the other hand, goes a long way. Furthermore, when done correctly from the start helps to eliminate the need for any repairs or equipment replacements.

Ask for Professional Help

Never hesitate to seek range hood cleaning or repair help. The kitchen exhaust system repair can be quite challenging. If the fan is broken or damaged or the filter isn’t functioning rightly, look for a professional hand.

In addition, if you do not know how to disassemble or assemble the fan parts or how to safely execute cleaning, don’t take any risks. Just search for the expert kitchen exhaust cleaning service nearby and get it done. The skilled technicians will have more knowledge of how to increase the shelf-life of appliances.

Additional Tips to Maintaining the Kitchen Exhaust Fan Appeal

  • When you see the fan is growing dusty, clean it once a month. This will save time and effort when it comes to cleaning the pesky filth or grease.
  • Regular vacuuming can also keep the area clean and reduce the chances of any dust buildups.
  • Use water-based cleaning solutions that we discussed above. These would help make the exhaust fan look new and free of greasy surfaces.
  • Keep the kitchen area always clean as the corners are more prone to accumulating dust and flies.

Summing Up

To conclude, the average longevity of kitchen exhaust fans can be expected around 10 years. Hence, keeping it looking new and maintaining its life is easily achievable with its regular maintenance and cleanliness. Besides, all these tips above are gonna help you keep the kitchen environment clean and the exhaust fan looks new all the time. Also, the chances of any health hassles or fire hazards will remain at bay.

On the other hand, if you do not maintain the exhaust fan cleanliness and keep it dirty for long, it will reduce the lifespan. Thus, increasing the chances of fire hazards.

So, either you can count on manual efforts or hire the kitchen exhaust cleaning services to get professional assistance. The experts can better fulfill your needs, making the range hood system look new and clean.

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