How to post on Instagram

How to post on Instagram?

There is no doubt: since you discovered the existence of Instagram, it has become your favorite social network and no day will pass without you seeing what your friends post. You have already registered on the platform for a while, but still think you are skeptical about some features; questions you want to clarify by understanding how to post on Instagram

He then turned to web research, in an attempt to solve these questions of his own, and then turned to this teaching of mine, eager to learn more about this beloved social network.

Well, if things are really as I perceive them, you will surely be very happy to know that I can help you fill all your gaps. I can talk to you about Instagram and how its features are used almost with your eyes, so I have the power to help you.

Want to know how to post photos and videos on Instagram? How to add content to Stories and how to comment? The answers to these and other questions are a few lines from this. I suggest you sit down and take a few minutes to read this tutorial of mine. I wish you a good read.

How to post photos on Instagram

If your goal is to know in detail how Instagram works, then I must first explain to you how you should continue to post photos and videos on this social network.

Instagram is a social network entirely based on visual elements, such as photos and videos, and to interact with the users of the platform it is necessary to publish the content.

First of all, I have to explain to you step by step how to proceed regarding posting photos and videos on Instagram but before I start I have to present a short introduction. It is important to know that most Instagram services are accessed through the use of Instagram applications and downloads.

To post photos and videos on Instagram is nearsighted to find the first application of your mobile app and the price you get right from the App Store on iOS or the Play Store for Android devices.

To do this, click the Install button and then on the I agree on the button.

In any case, once you have downloaded the Instagram application and started it, and probably logged into Instagram with your account details, you must first click the button with the small person icon that is at the bottom right.

Working this way you can see your data screen: photos or videos that you have uploaded in the application will be added in this section.

To post photos and videos on Instagram, click on the (+) which is in the lowercase, and now select whether to take a photo or record a video at this time by clicking the Photos button or in the Video button.

You can also choose to upload a media item that is in your device’s media library, in which case you must do so by clicking on the Books button to be sent to the media gallery.

If you choose to print previously taken photos, you have the option of pressing a button with a double square symbol that will allow you to add an average of 10 multimedia items to be printed simultaneously in a single text.

Once you have selected photos or videos to upload, press the Close button twice in a row. Then write the title to accompany the image, mark people in the image, and add space if you want to place the image you want to share.

In the link I showed, I told you in detail about all the ways to deal with the problem of publishing large amounts of media from PC, usually, about using Instagram with third-party solutions.

Buyfollowersindia will allow you to increase an organic and natural way the users want to follow you because they like your profile, the hashtag that you move, and how you interact with the contents.

How to post on Instagram News

Your friends are more experienced using Instagram than you and usually post new photos or videos in Instagram News.

But this Instagram feature you still don’t know and you want to know how to use it to upload photos and videos to share with your friends. To upload multimedia content to Instagram News, you need to use the Instagram app for your mobile device.

So take your device in hand and start the Instagram application by tapping the button with a small human icon located in the bottom right corner. After that, as soon as you see your data screen, click on your photo button that you can see in the top left corner.

Pressing it will automatically open the camera of your device and you can choose between taking pictures or recording short videos on the spot, broadcast lives, or write a Text message.

Next, use all the Instagram News tools (you will see the buttons related to the mentioned projects shown with the text below) and then create a new multimedia content to add to your Instagram News.

How to post a comment on Instagram

Instagram is a popular social network and you like its features, however, you are still new to it and, because of your embarrassment, you decided to wait a while before posting photos and videos on your profile, to add familiarity with it. this platform.

Of course, you are excited about what your friends are posting daily and you want to show support by commenting on their photos and videos. Would you like to know how? Want to know how to make it? That’s great! I will explain it to you now.

Posting a comment on Instagram is the easiest thing in the world and you can work through a social networking site or the Instagram app for Windows 10, as well as, of course, through the Android mobile app or iOS. that you installed earlier Instagram Verified Profile.

How to post on Instagram from your PC

para post on Instagram from PC you can use the old Facebook tool called Studio Creator that allows you to manage publishing content for your Instagram account of companies related to the Facebook site.

In this sense, to use it, you must also link the Facebook page directly to the Instagram- related account serving Studio Creator. To perform this task, connect to your official website and log in, enter your login information to your Facebook account.

Now click the Start button to start using Studio Creator and then click on Instagram Photo In the menu shown above, to add the famous social network account by Mark Zuckerberg photos.

After completing this task, you can use the Studio Creator to upload photos and videos to your Instagram feed, or even to upload videos directly to the IGTV section.

To do this, first, click the Create button that you can see in the upper left corner. Now, in the menu that appears, select if you want to publish multimedia content to your Instagram feed or within IGTV.

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