How To Thoroughly Train A Man’s Erection!

When I was young, my erection was incredibly weakened. There are many men like this. It’s already the worst when you become fluffy in the middle of love. However, I have obtained a way to improve the erectile power to escape from such cases. This time, I will focus on improving erection.

Erectile power is important for enjoying love. However, fatigue and aging reduce erectile power. Is there a way to restore erectile power?

Squat to increase blood flow in the lower body and increase erection

You need a lot of blood to get an erection all day long. To pump blood, it is necessary to improve the passage of blood vessels for pumping blood. Squats remove cholesterol from clogged blood vessels, and the effect of blood flow allows you to carry a large amount of blood needed for an erection. Cenforce 150 and Vilitra  to improve your erection.

It’s important to continue squats, so it’s a good idea to start with a reasonable number and gradually increase.

Train your PC muscles and improve your erection sustainability

This area, called the PC muscle, has a significant effect on the sustainability of an erection, just as the dick moves up when the anus is closed. This part is called the PC muscle, and because it is a muscle that is not normally trained, its strength decreases with age. Therefore, the most popular exercise these days is to close and open the anus for 5 to 6 seconds.

This is also a type of strength training, so it is important to continue with reasonable strength to not stop in the middle.

Walk as much as possible to gain basic physical strength for health.

In order to have all day long, it is important to improve the cardiopulmonary function required as the basic physical strength for the flow of blood circulating in the body. In addition, walking also becomes “aerobic exercise,” which has the advantage of improving not only cardiopulmonary function and blood circulation but also muscle strength and basal metabolism, making it less tiring.

This is something you can do in your daily life, so let’s start by walking the distance you used to ride a bicycle.

Actively practice your hobbies.

In order to maintain libido and ejaculate all day long, you must have overwhelming libido and an absolute amount of sperm. Known as a modern illness, “depression” is said to reduce libido and sperm volume due to stress. The fact that men often run as a hobby may be the wisdom engraved in their DNA for the prosperity of these descendants.

It will be necessary to practice a hobby that can relieve one’s stress and relieve stress moderately.

Ingest antioxidant nutrients to boost overall energy

Antioxidant nutrients such as “zinc,” which is indispensable for male energy, “arginine” which improves blood circulation and makes 80% of semen, “allicin” which increases libido, and “taurine” for nourishing tonic It has all the elements to have all day long.

When ingested in daily eating habits, it is abundantly contained in oysters, seeds of plants such as ginnan and almonds, green and yellow vegetables, and fermented foods such as miso soup and natto.

For men, most of the absorbed zinc is sent to the prostate. Therefore, if you take even a small amount, you can get the effect of restoring erectile power. Zinc has various effects that improve physical performance.

Zinc also has the effect of activating the work of the prostate. The prostate gland has the role of nourishing sperm. The more active the prostate, the faster sperm grow.

An erection caused by an external stimulus is called a menstrual erection. And it is a psychological erection that erects by thinking about naughty things. If you are stressed or mentally unstable, you will not be able to concentrate on naughty things, which makes Vilitra 60 and Vilitra 20 harder for you to get an erection.

Calcium is a typical nutrient that promotes the improvement of psychological erection. Calcium has the effect of releasing neurotransmitters in the body and relieving stress. So choose a supplement that contains calcium.


What did you think? I explained how to train your erection to have all day long thoroughly, but many of them are relatively easy to do, and I think some of them can be started tomorrow. If you continue to do this, you will surely be less likely to break during love.

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