How to Wear Check Shirts in Different Style

Like any other classic outfits, the check shirt is not going anywhere but it is here to stay. In a world filled with endless fashion pieces, a checked shirt is a pragmatic partner that every wardrobe needs. The check shirt has become a staple of men’s wardrobe to spread balance and find a middle ground. The first-ever check shirt came to existence in 1850 that is the two-tone buffalo check shirt. After oppression in various parts of the world, the check shirts buoyed their popularity as a fashion icon featured by style icons across the world. The iconic wardrobe staple needs some thought to style the right way and here are some ways in which you can sport check shirts for men.

What should you look for? 

Choosing the right check to make sure that your shirt stays long and every time you can sport an unfussy look. Go for clean lines and a balanced design for a timeless shirt. Try out simple colors such as fresh blues, indigo, or ecru. Modernize the shirt by adding a bit of texture according to the season. For summers, linen and cotton mixtures work great while for autumn brushed cotton or flannels are a great choice. Picking a shirt with some textured element incorporates life into the shirts and stops the checks to look too flat.

Another crucial style tip to pay attention to while buying a men shirt online is your body type while selecting a checked shirt. Large checks such as the buffalo checks make you look broader. Large checks are thus great for tall and slim guys. On the other hand, micro checks are a great ally for guys with a small silhouette.  

The casual street style 

There is nothing better than a checked flannel shirt that shouts casual. But remember one thing; just because it is casual, you cannot wear it with anything. Wearing a flannel shirt with sweatpants is considered a sartorial sin because you will look sloppy. Stick to your jeans for the casual style. If you want to take the casual outfit to the edge, go for black jeans. Keep the colors to basic such as blue or olive green. For the first layer, a simple option is a white t-shirt. You can wear the casual look when the temperature rises with your sleeves folded. Complete the casual style with a pair of sneakers or lace-up boots.

The Tattersall style 

The Tattersall checks are pretty classic with their origin back in the 18th century. The Tattersall checks are designed by combining slim vertical stripes with horizontal stripes. The blend of both gives small squares across your shirt. The Tattersall checks work best when it is kept true to its original style. You can simply pair the shirt with a pair of formal trousers and formal leather boots for the professor vibes. You can modernize the outfit with a Waxed Barbour jacket and leather boots.

Smart casual 

You can wear the checked shirt for a wedding but make sure that you don’t overwhelm the ensemble with a dash of heavy patterns and colors. Smaller checks are perfect for pairing with a blazer rather than large and widespread checks. You go for various micro-checked shirts such as gingham checks, Tattersall checks; pin checks, and more. The sleeves should be long so that it perfectly complements the suit jacket you are wearing. If you want to pair the checked shirt with a tie, be careful. Thinner the tie, the better it is because broader ties might look uneasy against the checked background. Now coming to colors, keep the suit and tie neutral, so that the outfit doesn’t look messy and busy. For pants go for black jeans or chino pants. The smart casual look is tough to master with a checked shirt but with practice, you will get the hang of it. The rule of thumb is not to go for loud patterns.

Sick of summer clothes style

The summer looks often strays to chinos, button-down shirts, or chambray collared shirts or polo shirts. But if you are bored, ditch them all and go for checked shirts. You can wear a pair of chino trousers and plaid shirts. Rolling the sleeves and leaving the top button open, makes it the perfect summer look. Complete the summer look with a pair of boat shoes that go with the shade of the shirt. Boat shoes are often considered to be preppy but when paired with a plaid shirt, it becomes more low-key.

Common checks that can be a part of your wardrobe

The checked shirt never goes out of style because of its variety and balance. You can come across various checked shirts while shopping. If you are confused about what to buy here are some suggestions.

  • Buffalo shirts
  • Madras checks
  • Plaid checks
  • Gingham checks
  • Windowpane checks
  • Tattersall checks
  • Prince of Wales check

Bottom line

Check shirts won’t fade away from the universe anytime soon. Get the best check shirt to sport some iconic ensemble and make head turns to you.

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