How to write a blog post?

What is a Blog?

A blog is an informative discussion published by any blogging website. The basic concept to publish a blog post is to share knowledge across the world. The blog contains all the information related to the title given by the blogger.

I have divided the blog writing into nine steps. These are given below:

Steps to writing a blog post:


Before writing a blog must think about your audience. Who will be your audience? This is the first thing to do. Most people or bloggers make this mistake usually and their blog flops. For Example, their audience likes SEO but he/she is writing about how to swim? It doesn’t make any sense.


The second thing to do is to think about your topic. If you did the first thing then it will be easy for you to choose a topic. Because your audience helps you in choosing your topic. You must know the taste of your audience whether they like swimming or SEO.

3-Keyword Research

After selecting a topic, You have to search for some catchy words in your blog post. The keyword must be included in your Topic heading. In this scenario, you must research for SEO or Swimming. You must include this keyword many times in your blog post.


I have checked many blogs. People always miss the introduction of the topic which they choose. They try to use some other things or maybe try to increase the lines or words that are irrelevant to your topic.

5-Featured Image

The featured image is that which shown on the top of your blog post. It must be relevant to the topic on which you are talking about discussing. The featured image must be of high quality that the reader attracts to your blog post.

6-Dividing the post into Steps

I think this is the best strategy to write any blog post. You have to divide your blog post into steps. People always looking for what would be the next point or step. Like in this post, I used many steps like the audience, topic, and some other. It increases the curiosity in the readers’ mind.


I think this is one of the most important points of today’s discussion. Your blog post must have a high relevancy rate. For Example, if you are talking about swimming than your all focus must be on swimming. Don’t use other topics into that blog post for the sake of increasing the number words. It can help in increasing your fan following as well.

8-Use of Simple Sentences

A blog post needs to use simple sentences as much as they can. This strategy helps the reader to understand what you want to covey. Because all types of readers may read your blog post. The reader may be an expert or may a weak reader.


In the end, you must include your conclusion. What you have said above or what you want to convey to your reader. It must be as concise as you can. It would cover all of your blog posts.

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