Improving The Fps In Csgo Through Settings

If you are a part of the gaming world, then you must have heard about a first-person shooting game known as Counter-Strike Global Offensive. If not this then it is also known to gamers as csgo.The game was released back in 2012. It may not be known to all at the start, but now it is known to all because of its best gaming experience. Many players ask questions related to the boosting of fps, so here in this blog, I will explain the best way to improve fps. I have divided the whole process into certain steps and each step has full detailed information about what to do:

Make changes into the in-game settings:

See the icon on the left of the screen, and click on it. On pressing the icon and you will set game settings on your screen. From the list choose the video setting option. Click on it and from the new list displayed find and click on the advanced video setting option. In the advanced setting, you need to set the value of different features in order to improve fps. See the list below to know the features and it’s preferred value:

  • Effect Detail: Low
  • Global Shadow Quality: Very Low
  • Multisampling Mode: None
  • FXAA Anti-Aliasing: Disabled
  • Texture Filtering Mode: Bilinear
  • Texture Detail: Low
  • Vertical Sync: Disabled
  • Multicore Rendering: Enabled
  • Motion Blur: Disabled

For accurate results make sure you change the value of all the above features as defined.

Change in the launch option:

For the second step, again you need to go to the in a game setting, and then there you will see two options. You have to disable the steam overlay choice though authorizing the SteamVR choice simultaneously. Same as above, the most suitable and easy way to improve fps in csgo is through using the launch options. To go to the launch settings, go and press right on the option that states whilst in the csgo lobby. After clicking right, select the properties option from the list displayed. Here then you will see some data that you need to copy and paste. The last step of the list is to press ok and execute the changes.

Change the NVIDIA setting in csgo:

There are so many players out there that are playing csgo for a long but do not have the NVIDIA control panel on their systems. For those players, this point is the most crucial one. As we will define how to set up an NVIDIA setting for better fps. I don’t have it on your system download it and open it soon after its downloaded. Whenever downloaded, open it. From the setting options, find and select manage 3D settings. You will see a list of options, from which you need to first select program settings, and then from the second list, you need to select Counter-Strike Global Offensive. In the settings you need to change some features value as given below:

  • Threaded Optimization: On
  • Maximum Pre-rendered Frames: 1
  • Texture Filtering – negative LOD bias: Clamp
  • Anisotropic Filtering: Off
  • And many more

Make space on the Graphics Card:

Not just csgo but all the games on your list require this setting. To improve fps, you need to overclock your graphic card. Making a place in the graphic card is one of the essential processes but you need to do it repeatedly. There are so many strategies you can overclock your graphic card. If you have any issues regarding performing this step, you can see different YouTube tutorials as well.

Install csgo on SSD:

If you have an SSD then installing csgo on the hard drive is the most efficient way to improve fps. The reason to do is the improvement in the loading time of the game and even the map loading time reduced because of this. For this purpose, you will have a variety of options but Samsung 850 EVO is the minimum SSD recommended for csgo installation. The next thing you need to do after downloading csgo on the hard drive is not enabling a full-screen optimization option. Don’t know how to handle these settings? Nothing to stress over, simply follow the accompanying steps:

  • Find and get to the Steam library.
  • On the csgo icon, press right and click on the properties option.
  • In the properties options, search and click on File and then Open file location.
  • On clicking a folder will open up where your csgo is installed.
  • In that folder, search for csgo.exe.file.
  • Click right on the file and select the properties option.
  • In the properties, find and open the Compatibility option.
  • Now the last thing is to untick or disable the full-screen optimization.

Wrapping up:

Make your game better with a csgo smurf account and a better fps. It’s time to make things work in the best way by updating the csgo settings.

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