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Indonesia’s Magnificent Temples For Historical Tourism Lovers

Did you know that Indonesia is called the Land of a Thousand Temples because there

are so many temples in this country? This number of Indonesian temple is one of the

proofs that the ancients had knowledge of art.

Not a few of these temples are still standing firmly and look majestic. Some of the

temples are included in the following.

Magnificently Standing Temples in Indonesia

1. Prambanan

Have you ever heard the story about Roro Jonggrang who was cursed by Bandung

Bondowoso? That said, this Prambanan Temple has something to do with the story. It is

said that this temple was built during the 9th century AD.

Based on the Shivgarha Inscription, the original name of Prambanan Temple is actually

Siwagrha Temple, which means Shiva's House. This temple was built as a form of

offering to the three main gods in Hinduism.

At this time, Prambanan Temple is often the place where various events and art events

are held. Then, one more additional information, Prambanan Temple is also included in

the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

2. Sewu

Not far from Prambanan, there is the Sewu Temple complex. This temple is also one of

the Buddhist relics which although its popularity is not as high as Borobudur and

Prambanan temples, it is also still a magnificent temple in the country.

From its name, Candi Sewu means a thousand. However, there are only 249 temples.

When the Yogyakarta earthquake occurred several years ago, Sewu Temple was also

damaged. Nevertheless, the splendor of this temple is still visible with the main temple

which is about 30 m high.

3. Plaosan

This Buddhist temple is called the Plaosan Temple which was built by Rakai Pikatan.

Although it is a Buddhist relic, the architecture of this temple is a blend of Buddhism and


The Plaosan Temple complex is divided into two, namely Plaosan Lor and Plaosan

Kidul. About its splendor, you can prove it yourself by going directly to the location. In

fact, this temple was once the location of advertisements that aired on television.

4. Gedong Songo

Coming to Semarang, there is one magnificent temple and its name is Gedong Songo

Temple. This temple was built in the 9th century AD and although the name has the

word songo which means nine, there are only 5 temples here.

The five temples are separated and not only in one area. To find out how amazing this

temple is, visitors must first walk uphill. The reason is, this temple is in the highlands,

about 1200 masl.

From this height, besides being able to see how beautiful Gedong Songo Temple is,

visitors can also enjoy the beautiful natural scenery while you get there. You can also

use horse rental services if you are interested in going around this temple complex.

Of the magnificent temples above, which one do you want to visit first? There are

indeed many Indonesian restaurants that can be easily found not far from these

temples, whatever your choice, hope to keep everyone healthy!

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