Insider attacks and how to prevent them

Every organization is growing and may have security threats related to cyber-attacks and hackers. But these threats and attacks are not every time they face. Many times businesses can cause significant damage due to internal security threats. 

As the business grows, the same goes for your network and system. Many times chances of hackers and cybercriminals grow reaching your sensitive information. Although it is valid now as your network grows, many threats increase from the internal business. 

Following are some guidelines to minimize our business’s risk level. 

Insider attacks and what does it mean?

Simply insider attacks happen when a member or employee of your organization uses his official credentials to log in to your network to cause damage to your business. 

Many cybersecurity teams classified internal threats into spying, theft, damage to official information, or opposing the values of their jobs. These all damages are often done by misusing your official authorities. Either you are doing it by mishandling devices or authorized information. 

It is not compulsory that these threats can be caused every time due to employees mishandling, but it can happen by anyone who has access to the company’s secured data. 

As day-to-day technology uses are increasing same is the chances of more exposure to internal threats are growing. 

What is the fundamental difference between internal and external threats?

Internal threats usually happen by someone who works within your business and has access to complete data storage. At the same time, external threats occur due to someone not working within your organization but wanting to gain your internal data access. 

Hence both attacks have the same strategy to use, but internal attacks source is inside your organization while external attacks are caused from outside of your organization.

Different types of internal attacks:

There are many ways in which internal and external resources are involved in cyber threats. But a huge difference is made when your internal employees are interested in these attacks. 


This is the type of cyber attack when someone involved in this does not know how he is the cause of the problem. Employees targeted for internal cyber attacks do not know that they are the primary reason behind it. 

It happens when an employee’s official credentials are used to gain access to internal data storage. 

Someone makes mistake

It happens when employees neglect the basic security measures to follow—for example, using an easy and unsecured password for their official logins. This puts their company’s data and security at risk. 

Although these employees do not want to harm your security systems, their negligence exposed your company’s security towards outsiders. 


It happens when employees cause damage to your security through their lack of awareness and negligence. This leaves your company’s security leak, and the chances of cyber-attacks are increased.


A single person becomes a threat to your organization’s security and system as he has access to your company’s data. 

Most frequent methods used in internal attacks:

Hacking that is done internally

Resources that have access to internal data will do such things, including stealing data or network leakage outside the organization. These phishing emails are designed to get information about your official data, making it easy for hackers to access all your organization’s confidential information. 

Demanding compensation of money

While hackers attack your network systems, which can be caused by employees’ negligence or unawareness about malware or viruses, these attacks result in the company’s network system damage or lockdown of the system. Which ultimately ends in hackers demanding payment to resume their system. 

Mobile devices and cloud data attacks

After the pandemic, many organizations started remote working and hybrid working, which exposed many employees’ mobile devices and cloud storage. 

It is best to protect these devices from limites malware and virus attacks. 

How to minimize company’s inside attacks

Following are some valuable tips and solutions from which you can find the critical source of these cyber attacks. Sometimes these attacks are hard to find their source and to handle. 

Using employee monitoring software

Several softwares will allow your organization to monitor your employee’s activities and behavior. Through this software, organizations can set triggers when they find employees suspicious or find any threat towards their data storage. Netlogix are the best Software Solution Providers in dubai.

Designing cyber security 

Often, internal cyber-attacks are caused due to anyone who was a trusted employee and managed data storage access. 

Those days are gone when employees were given full authority and access to the company’s credentials and secure data. Today employees should be facilitated just for information and access they need in their job role. 

Training employees on cyber security

Many incidents happen on daily routines, which can cause damage to the company’s internal data storage. It is best to educate your employees to have a better security system and help you protect and minimize internal attacks. 

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