International Payment Gateway Provider for Hassle-Free Business Account

If you have an e-commerce store then you will know how important it is to have a good user interface and functionalities in your website or app, but a payment processor is unmatchable and it has unpredictable consequences. If you don’t have it then the customer will stop trusting you and you will lose sales and customer engagement. A payment processor plays an essential role in enhancing the customer buying experience; an efficient merchant account needs to be smooth, fast, secure, and trustworthy. We are also provider Free International Payment Gateway that will help you out with your payment transactions by making it reliable and safe.       

A gateway is a surety that you will have secure and confidential data protection over your network. Customers should feel secure while making payment for your business. It will leave a good impression and trustworthiness on the e-commerce website or app. Irrespective of so much functionality a credit card processing will allow you to accept multiple transactions facility (debit cards, credit cards, wallets, etc.) safely on your online business. 

A PSP needs to be set up correctly in an e-commerce store, so if it is not installed properly you’re your business can suffer from loss of customers and sales. You are required to ensure that you have a functional PSP with multiple payment options and trustworthy security features. These attributes show that you will have a long term working functionality with the PSP and the service provider with High Risk Merchant Account

How does a gateway work?

The customer intends to buy products or services from the respective merchant site and keep them in his cart available on the site and then proceed with the payment page. On the payment page, he is asked to make payment through debit or credit card. He is required to fill out his 16 digit card number, cardholder name, expiration date, and CVV number.

Once the information is submitted on the payment page, it gets passed on to your payment gateway, based on the integration type i,e. Server-to-server, payment page integration or client-side encryption. The PSP does its own work. It encrypts the card details and the information passes through a security check before sending the information to the acquiring the bank. Further, the acquiring bank conveys the data securely to the card schemes i.e Visa, MasterCard, Maestro card. etc. These big firms ensure the data credentials by applying another layer of security check and transfer the data to the issuing bank. Once the security and fraud check is performed under the issuing bank, it authorizes the transaction. An approval or decline message is sent to the acquirer and then to the bank. The bank further sends the approval or decline message to the merchant. If the payment is successful then the acquirer gets the payment amount from the issuing bank and it transfers the funds to the merchant account. Based on these messages from the payment gateway, the merchant may provide a payment confirmation page or ask the customer to make the payment again on the website. While an efficient provider will allow you to provide smooth and flexible payment transactions and the entire process will run in the background in real-time and it will take less than three seconds to complete.

How you can get the right International payment Gateway processor?

You are required to check with the few things while buying a payment processor. Since all payment gateways have different attributes that would suit different interests altogether,

  • You are required to check on the transition fees and you also need to keep track of expenses within your budget.
  • If your PSP is asking you to sign up, then you need to avoid that solution. 
  • If you want to expand your business and reach out to global customers, then you require a PSP that will allow you to have multi-currency transactions.
  • Every PSP has its own terms and conditions. To get to know the product range in the gateway, you need to go through the terms and conditions specifically.
  • A Gateway needs to accept different credit card, debit card and e-check etc.

You need to keep in mind that no one likes to fill unnecessary details on the website. Hence, you need to keep it simple and essential. We at PayCly intend to provide International Payment Gateway Provider services that will provide you safe and secure payment transaction services.

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