Junk food is the key thing for men’s health hazards

It is very clear that eating all day high carb content foods, high sugar content foods, and Tran’s fat junk foods will give you a lot of health hazards. Especially men on consuming junk foods on daily basis then junk food only play the major key for all health-related diseases. 

Do you know that having excessive junk foods will have an effect on male hormones?

According to the National Institute of Health and the magazine journal of primary care and communal health, it is said that men with a very unhealthy lifestyle and food diet have comparatively low levels of testosterone. 

Human beings have sex hormones and one of them is testosterone which is predominantly found in males in puberty and after puberty also. Testosterone plays a key role in sexual developments in males and also in sexual organs development. 

Low testosterone levels also enhance the risk of cardiovascular problems, diabetes, urogenital diseases, overweight, and premature death. Do you know that every year more of the men’s population adds up on 5 million more males who are suffering from low testosterone levels? 

Poor diet is directly proportional to testosterone level

Studies have shown that overweight men suffer the most from the low level of testosterone because if an overweight man consumes junk foods then it loses testosterone level by 25%. Processes canned food and other junk foods can lower your sperm count and destroy your dreams of becoming a father. 

Because our testosterone level remains at peak during our adolescence and with growing old it starts decreasing by about 1% per year. But nowadays hypogonadism can occur to children of 10-12 years also. So testosterone levels have started dropping at an early age now. Junk foods have phthalates such as DHEP and DiNP which are hormone destroyer chemicals. And that is why men who are on a regular junk food diet face a low level of testosterone. 

Now, if your body has a low level of Testosterone then you will face many diseases related to the urogenital system. You will have erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, low sperm count, impotence, and infertility. And these disorders will give you stress, anxiety, mental pressure, performance pressure, and lead to other diseases like heart problems, diabetes, kidney problems, prostate cancer, prostate enlargement, etc. So if you have an ED then you can buy Fildena 100mg, Vidalista 40mg for sale, Cenforce 200mg pills after doctors ‘ recommendation. 

Junk food is proportional to diabetes

Junk foods have a high content of sugar and high carbs and Tran’s fat which destroys our metabolism. Refined sugar damages the insulin-secreting gland in the pancreas, and there is less production of insulin from the pancreas which leads to diabetes. Moreover, junk food has very bad quality carbohydrates and no proteins which cut down the blood sugar level and cause Diabetes Type 1. And this makes you agitated and you end up eating more junk food. 

Junk food impairs the digestion ability 

Junk food has a very high content of fatty oil, trans fat, bad cholesterol, bad carbohydrates which on consumption gets deposited in the stomach lining and starts causing more acid due to the presence of excess fatty oil in the stomach. Due to more acid production, it causes irritation, and if this irritation occurs daily then there will be gastrointestinal lining eruption and perforation which will cause gastric ulcers. Junk food is low in fiber content so they do not get digested easily. 

Junk food causes kidney diseases

Where do all the electrolytes (sodium, potassium, magnesium) get dissolved? Obviously, in the loop of Henle, which is present in the kidney cross-section? Do you know that Junk food has a very high content of processed salt and its function is to increase salivation, secretion of certain enzymes which will increase our cravings before eating and after eating also? So these high-fat contents and bad salts do not get absorbed in the kidney and thus causing kidney failure. 

Junk food and liver problems go hand in hand

Tran’s fat is that fat which increases our cholesterol level and causes many diseases like atherosclerosis and many others. Tran’s fat is very bad fat which gets deposited in the liver. And the liver cannot metabolize the Trans-fat, it’s very difficult to absorb the Trans-fat and hence causing all the liver diseases. 

And most importantly heart diseases are caused mainly due to junk foods

Processed canned foods, junk foods are the ones due to which coronary arterial diseases occur at a very young age in men’s population. The junk food contains triglycerides, bad cholesterol which gets deposited on the arteries, and if you are obese then you are more prone to heart diseases and high cholesterol levels in the body which is enough to cause a sudden stroke or heart attack. 

Last words

Leading a healthy lifestyle, cutting down all the sugary foods and junk foods will keep everyone more fit and away from many diseases especially men. Having a proper nutrient-rich diet in breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner is very important as our 70% body weight depends on our diet and water intake and 30% on physical activities. Hence staying healthy is the basic necessity. 

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