Mobile Apps You Must Use as a Writer

Whether you are a content writer or a novelist, you would like to have a reliable tool to pen down. Gone are the days when people needed paper and pen to jot down their ideas. Having an app in your mobile phone enables you to frame your ideas into words anytime, anywhere. 

As long as you have an image on your mind, you can quickly hit keys to type words whether you are in a flight or lying in a beach bed tanning your body under the sun. 

There are several mobile apps exclusively made for writers. However, you will choose the one based on your needs. A tool that a blogger may need will be different from a tool that a story writer will need. Here are some of the apps you can think of downloading on your cellphone. A few of them are free.


A free mobile app can turn your iPhone or iPad into a writing studio. You can write anytime at any place. The app will allow you to categorise ideas and projects, along with tracking wordcount. 

It is the best app for all types of writers, including storytellers, screenwriters, novelists, and poets. In case of any problem using this app, you can report to the Wordsmith Team. 


Another application for writing projects is Writer. It will allow you to write content without being embroiled into the fuss and mess as in the case of a traditional word processor. Whether you need to note down a few notes or write a novel, this is the best app to fulfil your needs. 

This app has simple features making it easier for everyone to use it without being confused. You can turn your thoughts into words and add data to it into the bargain. If you are using the latest version, it will help you synchronise your content through email and dropbox. 

Character Story Planner 2

Every story requires character. Before you pen down your thoughts, you need to have an imagination about the scene on your mind. You need to plan and build a story that cannot be easier at all without this app. It will help you plan the story and build characters, groups, races, cultures, and the like. 

It is the best app for storytellers. However, you can use it when you want to create an imaginary world of your own just for fun. This app aims to build a tidy and organised story. The most common feature of this app includes creating characters and building relations among them, creating groups, scenes and much so on. You can also create a separate template for each of the category mentioned above. 


The app includes various features that make it suitable for all types of writers, including screenplays and novels. You can put the app to no-distraction mode to get engrossed in it. If you have downloaded this app on a tablet, you can take advantage of split-screen support. 

If you buy a basic model, you will be able to access additional features. However, you will have to opt for the upgraded version to unlock all features.  


Novelist is free software. Over 70,000 authors have already used this app for writing their masterpieces. As the name suggests, it is exclusively for novelists. This app comes with exclusive features that allow you to outline the plot, create characters and organise scenes in your story. With this app, you can easily create a plot. It will let you have all elements of your story. 

You can edit, move, merge, split, record and delete items. You can write notes and add tags to each item. Once you have created a plot, the next step is to write a story. Its advanced features can easily let you compose all scenes, and then you can organise all your scenes in parts and chapters. Additional features of these apps include but not limited to: 

  • You can use any browser to write your novel.
  • You can use templates while creating new books. The app also allows you to generate a few.
  • You can have a backup of your work at Google Drive. You can automate the backup process.
  • Book compilation facility is also available in three formats: ODT, EPUB, and HTML. 
  • You will have a complete book review. 
  • The Text editor will help you edit your work more effectively. You can also insert comments. It also allows you to review previous text version to compare.

Not all mobile apps require you to pay, but you should look for a paid version to get advanced features. These apps will not require you to shell out a lot of money, but you can apply for bad credit loans with no guarantor and no fees  if you do not have money. Make sure that you apply for these loans from a reliable direct lender like Fortnitemoney that lends money at affordable interest rates regardless of your poor credit rating.

Description: Mobile apps that you must use as a writer include Werdsmith, Writer, JotterPad, Novelist, and Character Story Planner 2.  

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