Plumbing plays a vital role in residential homes and commercial buildings. From drinking water to cooking, cleaning, etc water is required. Plumbing is related to water services, so plumbing ensures that water comes and goes out of our house properly.

Plumbing is required to keep a check that your water appliances are working properly or not. Without plumbing service, we can’t live a comfortable life. It is very important to do regular plumbing maintenance to prevent cross-contamination. Poor plumbing can lead to many health problems

What is plumbing?

Plumbing refers to installing pipes and fixtures to supply water in homes and commercial buildings. The plumbing system is used to supply water for the kitchen, washroom, office, restaurants, etc.

Who is a plumber?

A plumber is a person who has been trained as a professional to perform plumbing services.

So in this article, we will be discussing various myths and facts based on plumbing


A geyser  that bubbles is ready to burst:

So this myth is false, as these sounds are due to sediment build-up in the tank .hardwater causes loose minerals to accumulate at the bottom of the tank near the heating element. If you turn the hot water on your heating element turns on but the sediment keeps the heat from being able to do its thing and warm up water, instead, it expands and turns into air bubbles making noise.

Flush baby napkins:

So this myth is also false, as it’s not at all safe to flush baby napkins as it can clog the pipes instead these items should be disposed of in the trash

Pouring grease into the sink :

This is also one of the false myths as pouring hot grease into the sink can prevent clogs, instead of leading to the clogging of pipes.

Using lemon to clean garbage disposal:

Putting lemon into the drain will help in making your sink smell good, but it can also clog the garbage. So this is a ridiculous myth.

Putting a brick in the toilet tank:

Some people think that putting a brick in a toilet tank will save water. so this is a false myth because how will a brick save water.

Any plumber can fix plumbing issues:

Sewer camera inspection is one of the most popular ways to find a clog quickly. It’s a must-have tool for any plumbing business. Not all plumbers offer sewer camera inspection. These special video cameras are rugged and waterproof in their design, allowing plumbing professionals to inspect sewer lines and drains visually. These cameras are used in underground sewer line pipes, including those pipes under cement and the home’s foundation.

It’s not always possible that any plumber can solve your issue so you need to research various services and prices and be sure that the company you choose is up to date with proper tools and equipment.

No requirement of regular maintenance:

You must have heard that plumbing does not require regular maintenance but it’s a big myth because regular maintenance is very important as it can lead to many dangerous problems like pipes will become obstructed by tree roots and other clogs and such issues will require expensive repairs. So it’s a very big myth.

Chemicals to clean drain:

Slowing down of drain is a symptom of a large issue when the drain is slow something is stuck inside the drain keeping the water from flowing easily. the clog could include anything like hairs. various home remedies could fix up the slow drain temporarily. So using hard chemicals is not required.

Keeping handles tight will prevent leakage

Most people think that turning the water handle tightly will avoid leakage. It’s a big myth as it will damage your faucet and will harm your pipes. One should turn taps off until it stops releasing water, there is no need to tightly turn the taps.

Ice cubes can sharpen disposal blades:

Earlier garbage disposals used traditional blades in those cases ice cubes were beneficial. Modern garbage disposal does not use blades, they use teeth and do not have any effect on ice cubes .so basically it’s a false myth that ice cubes will sharpen disposal blades.

Using a plunger can fix clogs:

This is the most popular myth that the plunger will fix the clog. Plungers are ideal only for a small clog sometimes they can lead to overflowing your toilet so it’s always suggested to call a professional.

These were a few myths and facts about plumbing. Many people assume that anyone can do plumbing but it can be a huge risk because plumbing requires proper knowledge as it can lead to damage piping system.

So regular maintenance is required that too by a plumber. keeping a check on your plumbing maintenance will prevent you from costly expenses in the future. So a good plumbing system can be beneficial to you and your family. Plumbing issues like clogging of toilets and sinks, leakage of pipes can cause lots of stress and wastage so should always hire a good plumbing company to help you maintain your plumbing system.


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