Kids need proper nutrition to grow and have good health. On the other hand, an increased tendency of consuming junk food is showing up as an increasing rate of obesity at such a tender age which can really be very dangerous for them. 

The biggest mistake that most parents do is to let their kids get addicted to unhealthy foods. It can be due to the reason that most parents are busy enough to cook and they opt to consume foods that are ready-made and easy to consume. What they are actually doing is making their kids addicted to a bad diet and as they are young this will have a huge impact on their minds and physical health.  

For the proper growth on a mental and physical level, parents are ought to choose healthy food for their kids which can provide them with all essential nutrients required by their growing bodies. 

Healthy Foods for Kids

The food which is low in bad fats and provides all essential ingredients in the required proportion can belong to the list of healthy foods for kids. Although there are tons of foods that your kids can consume there are certain healthy foods that you kids might hesitate to consume. Leafy veggies are one of them and it can be really difficult for them to consume such foods unless you mix them up with something special. The presentation matters a lot. Examples are as under;


Most of us are well aware of the importance of milk as a nutritious diet for children. At least two cups of milk are recommended for children if you want to lower the risk of eyesight loss and weak bones. 

Moreover, homemade yogurt includes good bacteria in kids’ diets besides delivering the benefits associated with milk. Moreover, cheese in breakfast is also among the list of healthy foods for kids because of being rich in calcium and collagen which is needed for strong teeth and bones, but be careful of the quantity consumed. Overconsumption can cause obesity. You can also mix a bit of hydrolyzed collagen in it to further add collagen in the diet of your kid.


Products like brown rice, oat bran, oatmeal, and whole-grain bread and cereals are carbohydrate-rich items and most importantly, they are rich in fiber and also contain potassium and magnesium. It would help them remain active throughout the day and prevent fatigue.


Lean meats including skinless chicken and turkey are a rich source of protein needed for the growth of muscles and these are also low in fats. You can serve the meals like a chicken with vegetable soup and salmon sandwiches or salmon with baked potatoes. Your kids may also find the following options very tasteful;

  • Chicken breast with a roll
  • Chicken meatballs
  • Fish sticks
  • Chicken sandwich with a bit of mayo
  • Rice served with lean meat


As a rich source of vitamins and minerals, green leafy vegetables must be included in the kid’s diet. Fruits are also rich in vitamins. Pineapples, peaches, and apples can be given to avoid abnormal bowel movements and intestine related other disorders.


There are different types of fishes that your kids can consume, try to avoid the ones with bone as it can get stuck into your kid’s throat. Some of the healthy fishes that are boneless are sardines, mackerel, and cod.  It can be served in the form of sushi. Your kid is surely going to like it. As seafood is also rich in collagen you can also use collagen peptides with it. 


In order to improve your kid’s mental health, you should be feeding them nuts and similar foods that can improve their brain health and also boost their cognitive thinking. Similarly having good digestive health is also very important for your kid and for that you should feed them up with seeds like basil seed. Mix it with water or milk and let your kids drink it. You can also mix them with a bowl of fresh juice to give it more taste. Your kids will have fun drinking it this way.  


These are not all but some of the most important foods that your kids need to stay healthy if you are not feeding your kids all these healthy foods then you are missing out on a lot. This is why you should focus on your kid’s diet to keep them healthy. Apart from all this, parents should also focus on healthy diets because kids do learn from what their parents are doing and if you are following a good diet and living a healthy life then your kids will get inspired and they will eventually follow the same path as yours. 

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