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Online pet business opportunities: Entrepreneur’s Guide

Do you own pets? You will find that there is a host of products and services available for the pet owners to take care of their pets. People, who keep pets, treat them like their children and as such, they want only the best product and services for their furry, finned, or feathered friends. For any entrepreneur, it gives a large scope of business opportunities that he/she can exploit to provide easy solutions for any pet-related problem. In this article, we will share with you some important pet care services and products that you can start investing in to earn a healthy profit.

Not all the business ideas that we have shared with you in this article require a huge financial investment. One or two people can run many of the business ideas in this article successfully in the initial stage. However, we suggest that you should have a passion for pets to enter into this business and you should do some research regarding the pet industry, its demand, and the challenges it offers.

Some great online pet business ideas which you can pursue

Starting an online business that focuses on pet retail products can be very successful if it is planned right after doing thorough market research. Here is a list of ideas from which you can choose one or more and start your pet product and services company online.

Online pet food

Pets require special kinds of food to remain healthy. These foods are prepared to keep in mind their unique health needs. If you look at the market of pet foods in America only, then it is nearly $ 30 billion and growing. Create an online platform through which you can sell customised pet foods. Furthermore, you can also offer the service of delivering pet foods to the owner’s doorstep at a highly subsidised rate to attract more customers.

Pet clothing and accessories

You can earn big bucks by starting your online business selling pet clothing and accessories. The approximate market size of this segment in the US alone is $ 30 billion. You can sell sweaters, grooming equipment, food bowls, aquariums, rain jackets, hats, leashes, rugs, and toys and so on. Make sure that the product you sell conforms to the highest quality standards and is trendy.

Pet travel service provider

When people move from one place to another place with their pets, their furry friends will find the travelling experience very stressful. You can start an online business through which either you can share some tips with the pet owners or you can offer a safe, secure, and comfortable transport service for their pets.

Pet Manicurist

Many pet owners find it a bit hard to trim the nails of their cats or dogs regularly. You can open an online pet manicurist service, wherein you can pay them a house visit to trim the nails of their pets and if they like then apply nail polish.

Dog or cat whisperer

If you are very good with dogs or cats and understand their behaviour, then you can offer online services as a dog/cat whisperer. Many pet owners are unable to cope with a difficult dog or cat and they need the services of a dog/cat whisperer. In this, you have to find out the root cause of the issues due to which the dog or the cat is acting aggressively. This will help the pet owner to make suitable changes in the surrounding, the exercise pattern of their pets or their food to resolve the issue.

Pet photographer

Many owners like to put beautiful looking photographs of their pets in their Instagram or Facebook posts. However, they do not have the requisite camera skills or experience to take great photos of their pet that would invite comments. You can open an online website, in which you offer your services as a pet photographer. You should put some photos of the pets you have taken that would convince the visitor to hire your service to take good photos of their pets which then they can post on their social media platforms.

Pet spa operator

Many socialites who have pets want them to be properly groomed by professionals. You can offer online health and beauty care service for animals. You can also offer a comprehensive spa experience for your pets so that they not only look well-groomed but also feel relaxed.

Online pet sitting business

Pets are like children who do not want to stay alone when their owners are away. Many owners want their pets to be well looked after and fed by someone in their absence. You can use this latent demand in the market to offer customised pet sitting services that will fulfil the needs of the pet owners.

Dog walking service

Dogs, like humans, need regular physical exercise to keep healthy and fit. Many a time the owners of dogs are not able to take out their dogs for regular walks. To help such owners, you can offer dog-walking service. If you want to enter into this service, then make sure that the people you hire are dog lovers and are comfortable spending some time with the four-legged friends.


Pets are an important part of our life and for their well-being; their owner will continue to spend money. Therefore, you should n’t wait and join the pet store business by starting an online pet store business that has a great demand in the market. For more, you can refer to this guide on How to start an online pet store

If you are just entering into the online pet store business, you can consider any of the online pet business ideas that we have listed above. Moreover, opening an online pet business will allow you to fulfill the needs of pets at the same time earn handsomely.

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