Park View City Lahore

These days, people are extremely concerned about their lifestyle and living standards. Park View City, Lahore in Pakistan is the ideal place for those who want an international standard of living and all the luxury amenities that come with a luxurious lifestyle.

Park View Lahore is the most popular of all the housing developments that are being developed or under development. Vision Group is responsible for this popularity. They make sure that every project succeeds and keep their promises. Vision group began their real estate journey in 2012, and have since completed many important housing societies and commercial projects. Aleem Khan is the owner of Vision Group. He is also a prominent politician and member of Pakistan’s government. This mega project, Park View City, Lahore is now complete and offers residents to more than 4000 families. You can now visit the site to reserve your futuristic home and see all of the development work.

Futuristic Approach

Because of the growing demand for modern living, the Vision group designed Park View Society to provide a futuristic lifestyle to its residents. It was designed to provide luxurious living for its residents. Park View City, Lahore offers a blend of a luxurious lifestyle and futuristic society that is worth investing in. The society is designed to provide sustainable and healthy living. This is due to climate change issues.

Park View City, Lahore: Why should you invest?

First, the Vision group’s reputation in the real estate industry is so strong that many investors across the country are attracted to all their projects. The current situation is that investors are ready to invest even before societies are approved. Park View City Lahore offers world-class living and makes it the best residential investment opportunity. This society is a great investment opportunity due to its cost-effective rates. Because of the location and number of amenities, this society has attracted many investors since its inception. This means that the owners don’t have to market; investors will find the way to book blocks because they are already here to take advantage of the best investment opportunities.

Park View City Location

Park View City Lahore lies in an ideal location. Only 2 minutes from the society’s main gate is the Motorway M-2. We know that the economic corridor CPEC, which is currently in its final stages of development, will open new opportunities for trade and success for our nation and its citizens.

Nearby are many important housing societies such as Johar Town and Wapda Towns, LDA Avenue Lahores, Nishtar Town Lahores, Eden Value Homes, Bahria Town Lahore and Wapda Town. Park View City is located on Multan Road in Lahore and is approximately 10 kilometers from the CPEC start point. It is centrally located in Lahore, and offers easy access to all the major facilities as well as the basic necessities of its residents. Below are some of the most important locations that are within walking distance from the society:

  • 9 minutes drive from Abdul Sattar Edhi Road in Lahore
  • It takes approximately 20 minutes to reach Lahore Ring Road
  • Only 18 minutes from Defence Road
  • Raiwind Road is only 10 minutes away

Park View City Lahore Map

This is an aerial view of Park View City in Lahore. This view shows you both a street and satellite view of the city. This view will allow you to see the location and development of this magnificent project.

Park View City Lahore Blocks

Park view city Lahore offers a range of blocks that can be used to invest in both residential and commercial areas.

On Ground Blocks

  • Jade Block
  • Jasmine Block
  • Sapphire Block
  • Topaz Block
  • Tulip Block
  • Block of Gold
  • Rose Block
  • Executive Block
  • Block for Overseas
  • Tulip Overseas Block
  • Crystal Block
  • Diamond Block
  • Platinum Block

Cash Discounts: No Ground

  • Silver Block
  • Pearl Block
  • Daisy Block

Installations Offered at No Additional Charge

  • Block for Overseas
  • Orchid Block 3.5 Marla cutting

Payment Plan Park View City Lahore

Payment Plan on Ground

Blocks Plots Price
Jade Block 5 Marla 65-80 Lac
Jasmine Block 5 Marla 65-80 Lac
Sapphire Block 5 Marla 60-70 Lac
Topaz Block 5 Marla 60-75 Lac
Tulip Block 5 Marla 50-65 Lac
Tulip Extension 5 Marla 50-60 Lac
Executive Block 5 Marla 45-55 Lac
Tulip Overseas Block 5 Marla 45-55 Lac
Crystal Block 5 Marla 40-50 Lac
Diamond Block 5 Marla 35-45 Lac
Platinum Block 5 Marla 35-45 Lac

Off Ground Payment Plan

Blocks Price/File
Silver Block 32.50 Lac
Pearl Block 27 Lac
Daisy Block 22 Lac

Installment: Off-Ground Payment Plan

Blocks Plots Total Installment Payable in Installments
Block for Overseas 5 Marla 50 Lac
Orchard Block 5 Marla 30 Lac

Park View City Lahore Amenities

Vision Group’s main objective is to provide high quality living for its customers. It also aims to make sure that residents enjoy sustainable living that meets international standards. To promote green, healthy, and sustainable living, there are many green parks in the society. We will now discuss some of the many amenities in Park View City, Lahore.

Health Facilities

The best medical centers, such as Shaukat Khanum Hospital and Doctor’s Hospital, are located close to the community. They are easily accessible from the community, but developers also designed a medical center that is world-class and offers all modern treatment options at the heart of the society.

Education Institutions

The Land of 9 Kanal has been reserved for the construction of an international-level educational institution in Park View City (Lahore). We are very concerned about the education needs of the current generation. This is why we ensure that they receive a high-quality education under the guidance of qualified teachers.

Security System

Security is taken into consideration by 24/7 surveillance. To ensure residents’ security, CCTV cameras are installed at every intersection. Park View City’s management, Lahore, has made it a policy that all security personnel must be former army personnel.


Graveyards are important because life and death are a natural part of our lives. Park View City, Lahore is home to a number of graveyards. This will allow residents to visit the remains of their loved ones and offer prayers.

Carpeted roads

Park View City, Lahore has many beautiful footpaths that run alongside the carpet roads. Service roads are located on both sides. The roads are wide and well maintained throughout the infrastructure of the society.

Park View City Lahore Other Important Facilities

  • Fitness clubs
  • Zoo
  • Electricity
  • Gas
  • Water Filtration Systems
  • Masjid
  • Fire Alarms
  • Boundary Wall
  • Underground Electricity System
  • Sports Complex
  • World-class Infrastructure


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