Popular Laundry Myths – Debunked by Experts

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Laundry has several dos and don’t– it could be from separating the laundry, air drying, turning jeans inside-out, doing laundry requires a lot of brainwork. You might be surprised that there are several laundry myths that most people believe!

So, what are these popular laundry myths that are debunked by experts? Well, these are some basic concepts that most people believe they are right. We all know doing the proper laundry is quite confusing with different tips here and there. Thus, let us end this confusion and keep these things in mind. 

Putting More Laundry Detergent Makes It Cleaner

Most people assume that mixing dirty laundry with more detergent could make it cleaner. But, the truth is, you are damaging your clothes. You should be careful about how much detergent you add to your laundry.

According to experts, overdosing your laundry with detergent could damage the clothes’ fabric. Some laundry detergents contain harsh chemicals that could easily loosen the material. Also, it would be difficult for the washing machine to rinse out. As a result, the residue of the detergent will cause skin irritation.

Thus, do not believe in this myth. Stick to the suggested amount of laundry detergent, no matter how soiled your clothes are.

Hairspray Removes Stains Efficiently

Experts explain that hairspray does not remove stains efficiently like before. Today, most hairspray does not contain alcohol in its formula. The alcohol was the stain remover before. Since alcohol’s effect is not desirable as it can dry out the hair, modern hair sprays only contain less amount of alcohol in its formula.

It is not a myth, but you still have to debunk this goodie method, but it is quite a relic that it does not work anymore. Also, the combination of hairspray and stain could be deadly. It might set the stain more into the fabric.

Treat Stains from the Front Side

As we speak about stains, treating stains with club soda and rubbing it from the front is a myth. Before, it was a popular myth that club soda can remove stains efficiently. But, as time passes, more people realize that water works better than the club soda. You only need cold water and a napkin to wipe spilled food and drink, and it works perfectly fine.

More so, when dealing with a stain on your favorite clothes, do not treat them from the front. Most people apply water and dab the stain at the front with a napkin, but as in reality, you are making the stain set even deeper into the fabric.

Thus, experts suggest treating the stain from the backside of the cloth to push the stain out.

Cold Water is Better for the Environment

We all think that using cold water for laundry can kill most bacteria and help us save energy consumption. But, you have to know that cold water may not efficiently clean heavily soiled clothes.

Experts recommend using warm water to provide you more hygienic clothes by killing the bacteria by washing clothes in warm water. 

Combination of Laundry Detergent and Bleach Increases Efficacy

Although this myth was debunked a few years ago, it still contains a speck of truth. Combining chlorine bleach to a load of dirty laundry is not sufficient. It is best to wait for several minutes before you add to the cycle diluted bleach.  

Add Ground Coffee on Black Clothes to Maintain and Look New

Some must maintain the look of the dark clothes. We all know how these clothes get enough attention. But, she has to debunk this myth as it can cause more problems for your washer and clothes. 

You have to keep the dark-colored clothes from fading by washing it in cold water and gently press them. 

Include Aspirin to Whiten Clothes

Before rumored news became viral for a short period as some claimed that the clothes could be whitened and remove stains. You only have to dissolve 4 to 5 aspirin tablets in hot water and let the clothes soak in.

However, the myth has been spread because of the results. Several laundry shops allow laundry pickup and delivery right at their doorstep. You do not have to head out or use aspirin to whiten their day. 

These are some of the popular laundry myths, and the list will go on. Do not waste your time, effort, and money on tricky services. You can use some of the real information to properly laundry.

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