Private Detectives Madrid

Private Detectives Madrid

Group Arga Private Detectives Madrid is a private detective agency based in Madrid. We have more than 10 years of experience as private detectives in Madrid and international affairs. And he has more than 15 years of experience in the intelligence field.

In our judicially proven facts, we have a high success rate of 100%. Our rich experience and successes make us the best choice for law firms, corporations, and individuals. In addition to investigating as private detectives in Madrid, we also carry out investigations both in Spain and in Europe, Africa, America, Asia and Oceania.

Group Arga detective has the best private detectives in Madrid

We have a large group of private detectives in Madrid. Private detectives in all the communities of Spain. And also international detectives on foreign missions. Our private detectives in Madrid track throughout Spain. We adapt to each situation and each need, employing the necessary team of detectives and specialists.

Each case requires a private investigator to go unnoticed. Becoming a teacher, retiring, getting a haircut, or being a member of a board are not the same thing. We also use the most creative and appropriate technical means to collect evidence. The subjects will never discover our technology or our detectives. The power of information.

In fact, “information is power.” People with data, people with information, have power over others. But for this information to be truly useful and advanced, it needs to have a set of features.

Note that sometimes it is also necessary to obtain actual data for certain dates in the past. These three characteristics are key to achieving this power through the information. There is only one way to obtain this useful information, and that is to use the professional services of Group Arga Detectives. Based on our preparation and our practical experience with intelligence.

Trying to get information by tracking someone can take days, weeks, or even months, and in some cases it will be faster and more efficient if we consider open source and create some coverage. But to get there, you need training and hands-on experience in this type of research. At Group Arga Detectives we have received high-quality training and we are capable of preparing all kinds of reports that will allow you to access the information requested in a completely legal manner.

A detective can go a long way. Go beyond imagination as your training goes beyond

In the direction of Detectives Group Arga, we have the highest training from the most prestigious universities in Spain, with degrees and degrees in engineering.

Validity of Evidence Obtained by Private Investigators

A private investigation will help you obtain the necessary evidence based on the alleged legitimate interests of your client, our private detective lawyers will prepare an investigation report that will contain the information about the case entrusted to us by your law firm and will be approved by the authorities court or police when needed.

Our private investigator’s report will be provided to the law firm once the private investigation is complete. This report will collect and document all questions, information, and evidence obtained during the investigation.

At Detective Arga, we closely follow the cases presented by law firms and will be in contact to collect evidence to present in court.

Detective Arga stands out in the investigations carried out by qualified private investigators, with 90% of investigation results in favor of our clients, thanks to the more than 40 years of experience of this detective agency.


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