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PTE Test-Day Stress and Anxiety? Top 5 Changes to make in your study!

Exam day stress is expected as it decides your future! Apart from that adage, which keeps circulating in students’ minds, “a piece of paper can’t decide the future,” it’s partly wrong! PTE exam day stress often leaves them baffled due to the challenging structure and limited time frame. So, it really decides your future of studying abroad!

As you walk into the exam room, your heart starts pounding faster, you are blacked out, and sweaty palms restrain you from focusing. Does it happen to you every time? You are stressed! These two terms, stress and anxiety, are enough to destroy your exam.

Undoubtedly, it will impact your PTE score, and you might end up scoring less than you thought. A bit of nervousness is pretty common during an exam, but you should make some changes in your attitude and study pattern when it’s trying to overpower you.

Let’s check out how to avoid PTE test-day anxiety with these top 5 changes in the study.

Top 5 changes to evade anxiety on the PTE Test-day

According to the studies, exam stress affects 40-60% of students. Apart from the changes mentioned here, we will also incorporate a few more points to avoid PTE Test-day anxiety.

  1. Start your day early

Walking up early in the morning helps you feel energized and better start your day. Time is a crucial factor and leaving your bed early in the morning will help you get enough time for preparation. Start your day as early as possible for last-minute preparation.

Identify all your weaknesses by enrolling yourself in a PTE mock test with evaluation. If you are left with a few days before PTE, you have to make a robust study plan containing rigorous study habits.

  1. Practice at harder times

During the PTE Academic test day, you might feel calm or stressed. Also, you may not want to partake in the examination. You underperform only when you are mentally tired. In order to eliminate such a baffling situation, you need to practice more even if you are not willing to.

For example, you should practice after having dinner or lunch, and practice a crucial task like essay writing. PTE practice test software can also be used for time-to-time practice and self-assessment.

  1. Practice inhaling and exhaling

When you are following a hardcore study plan, you must find your peace amid these hectic schedules. Exercise will be a top-notch way to stay agile and fit. So, practicing breathing helps you eliminate exam jitters.

PTE exam is quite stress-inducing and complicated; that’s why you might feel stressed out on the exam day. Box breathing will be an impeccable way to recuperate your focus on the study.

  1. Prepare a list of “anxieties,” and ruin it

Students often, out of anxiety, spend every leisure moment practicing and studying for the PTE. That’s why they end up failing in the PTE speaking section. It’s necessary to partake in all the PTE mock tests and go through all the samples.

Well, these are not sufficient! On your diary page, note down all the anxieties that impede your productivity and restrain you from achieving desired scores. After you have jotted down everything, look at the list, accept your fear, and then destroy it.

  1. Develop your endurance

Various PTE candidates are not accustomed to practicing for 3 hours rigorously. Their strategy of practice is to accomplish things in pieces. That’s the reason you may find the 3-hour exam lingering. While you practice, choose a place with surrounding noises and boost your concentration every day by practicing for more than 3 hours.

Additional changes to make on your PTE Study to avoid stress

More tips to follow to avoid anxiety during the PTE exam day:

  • Stress can impede your understanding ability. So, stop for a moment and start over.
  • If you find a conundrum in a task, close your eyes and think.
  • Don’t lose focus while answering the essay writing segment.

Good preparation is mandatory for your seamless performance in the PTE exam. With all the necessary changes in mind, you can simply ace the PTE exam. Anxiety and stress are the real jeopardies in everyone’s lives. That’s why PTE aspirants should follow the additional pointers too to curtail the PTE test-day anxiety.

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