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SEO Tips to Higher Organic Traffic for your Blog

Blogging is a great way to express your view on a particular topic. In fact, most blogs gain traffic from social sharing and continue to gain organic traffic. It provides an opportunity to the bloggers/website owners to gain organic traffic by writing fresh content on a regular basis.

You have a blog, you start it for fun, but many other people visited your blog and your view hit thousands or even hundreds of thousands. You should be grateful that people visited your site. Organic traffic is one of the main goals for bloggers, yet many bloggers fail to receive enough of it. Sometimes it’s because they make mistakes. Other times, there are actionable ways to get more organic traffic. If you want to increase your website traffic, here are a few simple steps you can follow to improve your search engine optimization. In this article, you will see higher search engine rankings for your blog through SEO tips and tricks

Optimize your blog posts

Having a blog and posting quality article is not enough if you want to get more organic traffic. You must do some optimization for your blog.

In order to structure a successful blog content creation strategy, keep in mind that a blog should not just be a bunch of consecutive blog posts that don’t have a strong underlying connection to each other. Smart blogging means organizing your content so that your readers can easily find their way among your articles and also back again—and making the process invisible to them as possible.

Look at your analytics

One of the most important things you can do to improve your organic traffic is to look at your analytics. Google Analytics is free, and most hosting companies give you a free month when you sign up for their services.

Look at your analytics for a while. Don’t know how to check your analytics? It’s easy, but you may need to login to your blog’s dashboard in order to be able to see it in WordPress. There are two ways you can view your analytics in WordPress. The first is using the menu right above the page title. The other is clicking the little graph icon after opening up the dashboard. Even if you’re not blogging yet, this will be useful when you’re ready!

Create a deep link structure for your website

If you want higher SEO Traffic, you must have a Deep Link Structure. The Deep Link structure of your website helps search engines to rank your web pages in the top 10 spots. We all want search engines to recognize our web pages by the highest ranking in the SERPs. A deep link structure helps search engines find and crawl your high quality pages and posts more easily. Your web hosting requires support of deep linking for desktop and mobile devices.

Strengthen your keyword strategy

There is a natural evolution that takes place as a blogger. At the beginning, you are searching for topics that have decent volume in keyword tools. As you gain more experience, you focus on topics with higher traffic. Regardless of where your blog is in its lifecycle, one of the most important ways to evolve your blogging is strengthening your keyword strategy.

In SEO, keyword research is a foundation for any campaign. It provides searchers with the essential information they need to make a decision on whether or not a site can actually help them. Keywords should be used in all aspects of your marketing, from content development and placement to social media and PPC campaigns.

Choosing the best keywords for your site is tough. You want to select those that will provide the most traffic however, you also don’t want to waste effort on terms with too little traffic. This is especially true as our limited organic search ranking real estate grows as we strive to rank higher.  What we need is a process that will help us choose better keywords and one that can be followed easily and consistently.


The purpose of blogging is to reach out to your audience and share regular content with them. But when you’ve tried everything in your power to increase traffic to your blog, only an experienced SEO expert can help. Don’t hesitate to seek professional assistance when you need it. SEO is an ongoing process, the sooner you start the better! Eventually you don’t have to think about SEO anymore, it will happen naturally.

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