Simple CRM system for customer accounting

You can interact with the customer conveniently and easily. The system allows you to: issue invoices and maintain a client database, as well as maintain other documents.

The program helps to automate the activities of sales, finance and easily set up other tasks. Also, with its help, you can identify the right customers, analyze business processes, improve the level of management and avoid losing a customer base.

Warehouse and trade

A simple and convenient program for the automation of accounting and trading. The system helps to easily create invoices, contracts, invoices and other documents. It also controls the goods in the warehouse, reserves, and controls the purchase prices and the cost of goods.

The huge possibilities of the interface will make your work easier and make it much more comfortable.

Some functions of the program:

  • receipt and consumption of goods ,
  • order accounting,
  • control of salaries,
  • implementation of commodity transactions,
  • creation of accounting groups,
  • commercial and logistic operations with goods.

Project management

This program allows employees of the company to interact with each other, monitor work and deadlines. The program contains a flexible database structure, solves the management problem and plans the resources of the enterprise.

Few people know that to work on a real project, you can use free CRM systems for small businesses or even large companies (CRM system is an abbreviation for Customer Relationship Management System, customer relationship management system). This layer of software is very diverse, the products are offered to the target audience on different terms, depending on the goals pursued by the developers.

Do not confuse free systems with test or demo versions. The latter only postpone the payment date and allow you to evaluate the functionality.

How developers benefit from free sales management systems

Free software serves as a kind of platform for testing new functionality, analyzing demand, structure and interests of the audience of potential buyers.

1. Sometimes free CRMs serve as nothing more than a direct means of collecting customer information. Such a database can be sold to other market players interested in potential customers.

2. The free version of CRM can be one of the means to advertise your own paid products. Such software solutions most often have very limited functionality, forcing customers to switch to paid versions from the same developer. A special case can be called software that serves as a platform (base) for connecting various modules, among which there may be paid solutions.

3. CRM can be really good, free, developed by programmers on pure enthusiasm (here the goals of getting practice in development, showing their programming skills, etc. are more likely to be pursued). In this case, paid services can be work on setting up, installing and professional support of the product. Or CRM will be offered “as is”, that is, the authors and developers disclaim any responsibility for the use of such a system (this can include various open-source projects). In the latter case, a full-time programmer will be required who can accompany the program at the stages of implementation, daily use and scaling of the enterprise / company.

4. An interesting fact should be noted . Due to the fact that the cost of the software is zero, the consumer does not have the right to demand anything from the developer / service provider, since for the occurrence of responsibility for the losses incurred, there must be a formal contract (deal, agreement) with the indicated value (it turns out that the sale of the product / service did not take place, the money was not transferred). That is why you should be extremely careful when working with free software solutions.

Benefits for consumers

Free CRM for small businesses allows you to use an effective tool for conducting sales, making deals with clients, monitoring the work of staff (setting deadlines, appointing responsible persons, etc.) already at the start of the business without any investment.

In the free version with limited functionality, you can test the interface, usability, available tools, etc., in order to later switch to the paid version with advanced functions.

Open source systems can be tailored to suit the needs and requirements of the company.

Review of free CRM systems

Below is a list of the best free CRM solutions by category.

Shareware (limited access) SaaS

Bitrix 24 (tariff “Project”). Restrictions on the number of business users, integration with 1C, employee management, data backup, etc. Cloud-only solution. Big plus: completely in Russian.

AMBER. Free for 3 users only.

basoCRM. The free plan assumes no more than 5 users.

“Things Are Going”. Up to 3 users, functional restrictions. In Russian.

“Simple business” – up to 5 users, opportunities are reduced. In Russian.

ZohoCRM Free tariff – up to 10 users.

Completely free SaaS

FreeCRM. No restrictions on use, functionality is provided as is. This is a platform for advertising the DEASoft company and its paid CRM.

Free Stand-Alone

Galloper-CRM. Only software for one user is free. When connecting to the server side – payment.

Supasoft-CRM for PC only. The network (server) version is paid.

RegionSoft CRM 4.7 Express. Up to 3 enterprise licenses. Works only locally.

Open-Sourse (can be modified to fit your own needs)

UMC CRM (the main condition is preservation of copyrights).



SalesPlatform Vtiger CRM

  •  Startup development,
  •  Sales management
  • Transfer

To help small businesses, we have made a selection of free CRM systems for the first time. We have ranked the list of such systems according to the highest scores using feedback from real users (as of October 13, 2017)

Startups small businesses

Startups and small businesses are looking for CRM software to manage their growing customer base, as well as to monitor the quality of service to important customers . However, for the “smallest” small businesses, purchasing and installing a CRM system can be time consuming and expensive .

However, as the business develops, so does the need for a centralized customer relationship management system . Keeping a complete record of customer requests becomes more difficult as volumes increase; the lack of space to store all information, data about leads, business contacts and possible items of income leads to inevitable financial losses.

Small businesses and startups need a place for convenient storage of customer data, tools for forecasting and conducting marketing activities.

Luckily, based on feedback from real G2 Crowd users, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 (based on user-rated usability) free CRM tools! Some CRM companies on this list offer to use their software for free only during the trial period, others are absolutely free.

We’ve compiled this list to make it easy for small businesses to choose low-cost CRM systems – so get ready to take full advantage of free CRM systems!

CRM Number of
Number of
HubSpot CRM Unlimited 1 million Not
Freshsales Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 2 Not 1 GB
Zoho CRM ten Not 1 GB
Really Simple Systems 2 Unlimited 100 MB
Insightly 2 Not 200 MB
Apptivo 3 Unlimited 500 MB
Capsule CRM 2 250 10 MB
Cloze Not Not Not
Zoho ContactManager one 500 Not


Free version

The Zoho name is widely known in the small business world and their free CRM platform is a good option for startups, small and medium businesses. It provides granular reporting capabilities and can grow with you as your company grows. The free version of the Zoho platform is suitable for up to 10 users.

What users say

Overall, users are very happy with the large number of small business add-ons and the ability to grow with your business. Some functional add-ons include Zoho Desk (support and ticketing), Zoho Books (accounting software), ZOHO CRM Campaign (marketing). With this integrated approach, users can effectively coordinate lead information and communication lines across the entire sales force.

Best Review

“The Zoho product line allows me and my team not only to coordinate on a daily basis the essence of our daily tasks and goals, but also gives complete clarity of WHY everything is happening, and thanks to this we achieve our main goals. The ability to have such a functional platform for such a low price (compared to most other CRM platforms on the market) is a huge advantage. ” – review by Matt M.

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