SPSS VS Stata- 7 Most Important Differences That You Need To Know

Do you have confusion regarding which one is best: SPSS VS Stata? There is no need to stress because you are not only the one who has a dilemma. Whether it is SPSS or Stata, both are prominent software that is known for its unique features. But when it comes to choosing the best, all you need to do is study the major differences between both of them.   

Are you aware of the difference between the SPSS and Stata? If the answer is no, the below-mentioned information is ideal for you and can get stata homework help. Here comes the list of major differences that you need to know.

So let’s start with the basic meaning of SPSS and Stata:

What is SPSS? 

The term SPSS stands for the Statistical Package for Social Sciences. It was introduced in the year 1968 by IBM which is American Multinational Corporation. SPSS is categorized as a statistical software package. It is mainly utilized for interactive statistical analysis in batches. It also consists of licensed software that is utilized as the Saas.

Additionally, the term Saas is abbreviated as Software as a service. SPSS provides support to various operating systems like Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and so on.

Initially, SPSS was established by SPSS Inc but after that, it was handled by the IBM Corporation in 2009. Further, it was known as the IBM SPSS Statistics Package. Additionally, it consists of a different set of statistical analyses, open-source integration, and many more.

What is Stata? 

Stata is a general-purpose software package. It is used mainly for statistical analysis which was launched by the Stata Corp in 1985. Additionally, it is a proprietary licensed package. It provides support to various operating systems like Mac OS, Linux, and many more.

This software is ideal for fulfilling the requirements of data science. Additionally, it is used for:

  • Retrieving and manipulating the data
  • Visualizing the data model
  • Establish the different reports

Apart from it, you can use this tool for data management and graphics.

Comparison between the SPSS VS Stata:

The comparison of the SPSS and Stata has been done based on the different following factors:

Key Features

 If you opt for the SPSS, you will enjoy plenty of features. Here comes the list of some features that SPSS offers:

  • Forecasting on data
  • Advanced statistics
  • Base edition
  • Custom Tables

The users will get the testing add-on in SPSS.

In contrast to it, Stata comes with various add-on packages. These packages consist of latent class analysis, Spatial AR models, Non-linear multi-level models, threshold regression, and many more.

Data Visualization 

SPS offers the feature of data summarization and production analysis. The users have the opportunity of exporting the various kinds of documents from the SPSS that include PDF, and so on.

On the other hand, Stata provides the sample selection. Not only this, but it also offers the endogenous treatment model for positive outcomes.


The users use the SPSS for computing the statistics and various data errors from the data set. If you want to analyze multi-stage designs, you can give preference to the SPSS.

In contrast to it, with the help of Stata, you can establish the various things that include:

  • Web pages
  • Results
  • Reports
  • Regressions
  • Graphs, and so on.

Statistics Functions

Do you know the latest version of SPSS? Its latest version comes with the “Bayesian Statistics Functions”. These functions consist of regression, ANOVA, and many more. Due to all these functions, statistics gain immense popularity.

In contrast to it, Stata comes with advanced choice modeling that introduced the different effects each day.


SPSS is known as the ideal software for creating charts. You have the option of creating different and attractive modern charts. Further, you can do the changes in the MS office tools. If you want to make the publication standard charts you can consider the SPPS. It is because SPSS provides the chart builder feature for this purpose.

Moving to the Stata, it comes with the model of the finite mixture. This model offers continuous, binary, categorical, ordinal, censored, and truncated outcomes.


With the help of SPSS, you can work on editing the syntax with different shortcut tools. You may have the option of using the keyboard shortcut for joining, deleting, removing, lining up and down.

When it comes to Stata, it consists of the Spatial Autoregressive models. It utilized the different observational units.


SPSS consists of various functions that include the SPSS Analytic Server, SPSS modeler, and so on. Additionally, it comes with different kinds of variable formats.

If you use the Stata, you will get a unique word document. The main purpose of using this document is to create the report easily. It also produces the results as well as graphs in the table and text format.

Apart from this comparison, with the help of SPSS, you can perform different comparisons and appropriate tests. On the opposite side, with the Stata, you will get the feature of multi-level regression. It is utilized for the interval-measured results.

Final Verdicts

In the end, these are major key differences that you need to about SPSS VS Stata. With the help of the above-mentioned information, now you will get a clear-cut idea about which one is the best software for you. Hence, keep all these points in your mind and select the best one according to your requirements.


  1. What are the applications of SPSS?

Here comes the list of different applications of the SPSS that you need to know:

  • Data Transformation
  • Output of data
  • Data collection and organization, and so on.
  1. Whatare the applications of Stata? 

Stata has the following applications that make it unique from the others:

  • Statistics Analyze
  • Cutting-edge statistical methods
  • Great in-built support mainly for the structural equation modeling
  • Has the great online community

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