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SUV Chicago Limo: Top Chicago Limousine Service

SUV Chicago Limo is a famous and reliable transportation service provider that mainly serves the customers of Chicago. The major service of this service provider includes airport transport where it provides its customers with the service of pick and drop. It also provides you with remarkable and quality point-to-point service with certain fees that are basically based on mileage.

You can also get hourly services from SUV Chicago Limo for any type of occasion. There are three types of vehicles available in this company. For instance, if you want a vehicle for three persons, Sedan is available for it.

If you want a vehicle for six people, the SUVs of this service provider are available to you. And if you need a vehicle for eight people, you can get the classic stretch limousine. Do not forget to consult it whenever you need to book a ride for any occasion.

SUV Limousine Service

You can get the best SUV Limousine service in Chicago Illinois at an affordable price and for any occasion by consulting SUV Chicago Limo. No doubt, this company is one of the best family-operated and luxury transportation service providers. A wide range of luxury vehicles is available in this company.

You can get comfortable and luxurious vehicles from this service provider. It offers its customers a wide boot area and legroom so that the travel could be made convenient for the customer. It offers its customers the greatest and remarkable SUV limousine services with several trusted and experienced teams.

Airport Transportation Service

SUV Chicago Limo provides you with the best airport transportation system. If you do not believe it, you can visit the official website of this service provider. You can also know about the reviews of its customers on social media. No doubt, the customers’ review will help you to evaluate the quality of the services offered by this service provider.

You can book a car from SUV Chicago Limo and the car reaches your location. You can provide the information of the “Drop-off” location to let the driver know where you want to go. This service provider provides you with an efficient and convenient pickup service.

Two options are available to you for getting an airport pickup service. These options are “Meet and Greet” and “Curbside Pickup”. When you select the Meet and Greet option, the driver waits for you while keeping a sign with your name on it. But when you select the Curbside Pickup option, the driver provides you instructions after your arrival about the curbside pickup.

Black Car Services

Black car services can be considered the ground transportation service that plays a vital role in dispatching the executive and luxury vehicles at determined times for specified rates. You can get the best black car services in Chicago Illinois by consulting SUV Chicago Limo.

When you get a black car service, you do not need to worry about driving to reach your destination. You do not need to worry about parking the vehicle.

You feel free from the problem of booking another car to get back to your home. It is because the black car service offers you to book a vehicle to reach your destination and also get it to go back to your home without booking a vehicle again.


How Much Is a Limo in Chicago?

If you want to buy a Limo in Chicago, your budget must be between $100,000 to $300,000. No doubt, it is a luxurious car, and the Limo is considered one of the most expensive vehicles in the world. Most people cannot afford to buy it, that’s why they take it on rent for special occasions.

How Much Is It to Rent a Limo?

The cost of getting a Limo on rent in Chicago is $130 per hour if it is for eight passengers. If you want a Limo for ten passengers, it will cost $110 per hour. And if you need to book a Limo for twenty passengers, it will cost $200 per hour. It shows that the rate of Limo in Chicago depends upon the number of seats and model of the vehicle.

How Much Does a Car Service Cost in Chicago?

The car service in Chicago depends upon the model of the car being hired. For example, if you want to hire Sedan, it will cost you $75 per hour. If you want a luxury car, it will cost you $89 per hour. And if you want a six-passenger SUV, it will cost you $85 per hour. Thus, the car service cost depends upon the type of vehicle you need and the number of seats you want.

What Is a Limousine?

A limousine is a luxurious and large car that has been separated from the passengers by a partition. It is a sedan vehicle that can be used for attending an important event. Limousine is also known as Limo which is a short word for this car.  The passenger cabins in this car are separated from each other.

This car is usually owned by the people of the elite class. It is because it is so expensive that it cannot be afforded by an ordinary person. There is a very small percentage of the people that own a Limo. Most people rent it for any special occasion such as a birthday party, marriage, etc.

How To Book a Limo?

You can visit the official website of SUV Chicago Limo to get your car booked. You need to provide the ride information which includes the service type, pick-up date, pick-up time, pick-up location, number of passengers, luggage count, and number of hours. You also need to mention whether you will return to a different location or the same one.

Do not forget to log in first. If you have not logged in, you might not get car service. It is because SUV Chicago Limo needs to keep the record of its customers and the registration of the customers is necessary to get its services.


SUV Chicago Limo is one of the best service providers of SUV Limousine service. You can consult it to get convenient transportation services at affordable prices. You can book a car according to your needs and the number of passengers.

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