The benefits of interactive presentation for salespeople

Salespeople spend a lot of time and energy meeting their prospects. In a tight economic context and to meet new customer expectations, interactive presentation creates richer and more effective sales experiences and allows companies to optimize commercial performance. It is part of the digitalization trend of companies.

Bye PowerPoint and PDF: the interactive presentation is an innovative, dynamic and visual presentation medium which contains numerous multimedia content (images, videos, etc.), animations, enrichments (360 ° virtual visit, 3D, etc.). Thanks to a multi-touch gesture (swipe, zoom, scroll, pinch, etc.), the salesperson interacts with his interactive support and the pilot is completely free.

Beyond its “wow” aspect, the interactive presentation is a lever for commercial performance. Whether through the harmonization of speech, the production of content, its accessibility on different media or the management of updates, interactive presentation allows salespeople to devote all of their time, talent and energy to selling.

More than a presentation, a sales tool

According to Jeff Ernst, author of “The New Rules of Sales Enablement”, “90% of the content developed by marketing to sales reps is not being used. They spend more than 30 hours per month researching and producing their own content. “

The interactive presentation is a long-lasting tool available to all salespeople. Co-built and managed with the marketing teams, it brings together in a 100% personalized interface all the content they need in relation to their prospects (photo galleries, portfolios, PDF presentation, product catalog, etc.). It evolves according to the commercial strategy and allows the speech to align.

Dynamic, modern and visual, it reinforces the confidence of the sales teams.

Beyond its visual characteristics, it incorporates essential functions during meetings such as note taking, lead management, and sending emails, taking orders from the application or connecting to a CRM tool (Salesforce…).

A personalized customer approach

Today customers expect better sales experiences and a more personalized approach. Interactive presentation transforms a linear presentation into an interactive and fluid discussion centered on customer needs.

Identify customer needs beforehand: this is the structure of the interactive presentation. Enrich with the right arguments and illustrate with the content available (key figures, product sheet, customer case, customer testimonials, videos, etc.).

Thanks to simple and intuitive navigation (buttons, navigation menus), the salesperson’s speech is fluid and illustrated. The presentation becomes a basis for discussion and the salesperson collects as much information as possible from his prospect.


Mobility and efficiency

The interactive presentation supports sales teams in the field, wherever they are. Available offline, it takes the form of a 100% personalized application for iOS, Android, Marcos and Windows.

No need to navigate between several documents and carry numerous documents, the sales representative can access the presentation they need in one click from their tablet or computer.

At the end of the meeting, the sales representative can send the presentation by email to his prospect in the form of a URL. In this case, it may be useful to prepare a short version of the presentation.

Beyond this use, the interactive presentation can be reused on many occasions: integrated on a website design Sydney, installed on a tactile device during an event, during a training…

Explain simply

Interactivity brings products and services to life, demos are more immersive and educational. The more complex the products, the more visual storytelling will have a strong impact on the interlocutors. Whether through illustration or the integration of buttons above product visuals, it makes complicated concepts more visual and allows them to be explained step by step through interactivity.

Here are some examples:

  • Illustrate the production stages of a product
  • Visualize the product benefits (before / after comparison)
  • Offer a guided tour of a site
  • Detail the technical aspects (zoom on parts of the product)

Training support

Thanks to its fun aspect, the interactive presentation doesn’t just educate customers, it is also a great training tool for new and more experienced salespeople.

A management tool

Unlike a classic presentation, you can follow all the statistics including the time spent on each page, the number of interactions… This is how you identify the content that generates the most sales.

Manage your presentation updates from a visual back office. The push notifications help keep them informed of the latest commercial.

The interactive presentation also makes it possible to manage access to the various presentations and to remove access for salespeople who leave the company.

To distinguish oneself

Of course, investing in an interactive presentation requires more resources than a simple PowerPoint. It also requires equipping sales people with good quality tablets or computers. But it strengthens your brand image, differentiates you from the competition and allows you to build a relationship of trust with your customers.

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