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The Best Classical Music Podcasts Out There

Podcasts have become essential audio accompaniment to our lives, keeping us up-to-date and entertained when we are traveling, exercising, cooking, and relaxing. A music podcast covers topics related to music and musicians, they may also include reviews, musician interviews, music history, new releases, and music theory.

Spotify was one of the first platforms to introduce music podcasts and has been launching more music podcasts than other platforms ever since. Spotify’s first launch of the original music podcast which was titled Clarify happened in 2016.

They announced in almost 2017, that they would be soon launching three more Spotify original music podcasts which were really great news for the lovers of Spotify podcast production.

The first was titled Showstopper, which discussed memorable musical moments on TV. The second waiting in line was Unpacked, it is a podcast that is focused on interviewing the audience of music festivals across the United States.

If you’re looking to expand your playlist in a classical direction, we have some of the top music podcasts that might have what your ears are missing for a long time.

Case Notes:

Are you interested in gruesome crimes and mysteries? Do you want to hear about some of the darker corners of music history? Then it may be that Case Notes is the podcast for you.

This podcast brings you classical music and crime together, the series delves into the depths of music history and reveals unusual stories about the world’s greatest musicians of all time.

Produced here on Classic FM and presented by Tim Lihoro, Case Notes includes original music written by Thomas Hewitt Jones and episodes include The Mystery of Hayden Head and The Mystery of Tchaikovsky Death.

Beethoven: The Man Revealed with John Suchet:

The classical Fm presenter, legendary broadcaster and writer takes us on a journey of unwinding the true and real self of Ludwig that experiences hardships, struggles, failures, and triumphs to get where he is now.

This amazingly addictive podcast takes place over the span of 52 episodes, and we guarantee you that you’ll hear lots of fresh and fascinating stories about the famous musician. He has also worked as a musician in Courtesy of Naxos UK the series

Sticky Notes:

Sticky Notes is a classical music podcast but it is for everyone and is not restricted to. Whether you’re a beginner or someone who has experience of listening and criticizing classical music, or a seasoned musician interested in the lives and thoughts of your colleague artists, this podcast is for everyone.

The podcast features interviews with present artists who are at the top of their career, looks at the exclusive pieces from the repertoire in-depth and dives into almost every era of classical music. The episode gets released weekly and is about 54 minutes long.

Your Classical:

Your Classic is a collection of curated streams, contextual features unique programs to promote Calm & Focus. Whether you are relaxing after work, putting your baby to sleep, or even working out hard, we are here for you, with classical podcast music for all moments of life. Enter our collection of expertly selected and mesmerizing pieces and listen to the world’s most consuming music.

Aria Code:

For the AirPod-wearing Opera aficionados among us, Area Code is dedicated to unlocking the magic of the biggest Opera Area. Hosted by Rhiannon Giddens, also a Grammy Award winner, and produced in partnership with US classical music heavyweights WQXR, The Metropolitan Opera and WNYC Studios, this classic combination is packed with the unique voices and operatic insights of some of the world’s best opera singers.

Music works:

Music Works is a podcast that is the first of its kind and involves talking to the artists, creatives, and arts managers about their day-to-day challenges, realities, and opportunities from the music industry. It is hosted by young classical music entrepreneur Katie Beardsworth, with music by composer Ella Gerry-Pinto, and focuses on young people, parents, diverse voices in the arts, and the best new talent. Expect lots of insight, reflection, and tips from some of the brightest minds known to us in the business of classical music.

NACOcast with Sean Rice:

Canadian podcaster Sean Rice is the second clarinet in his country’s National Center for the Arts (NAC) orchestra—so as no stranger to the producing side of music, he shares unique insights about the orchestra’s concerts.

Classical kids’ storyline:

It is a family-oriented podcast from American Public Media and Classical Minnesota Public Radio which tells us classic stories, each with a real twist of classical music.

This features episodes that have storytellers narrating the childhood stories of the favorite stories of children but with a twist of classical music. As the lockdown is getting on our nerves and of our children it will be a great podcast sounds to help you get on with life.

These are some of the best classical podcasts known to use. These have been the candy to our ears. If you are interested in some of the best music of the classical era you should try this and give it a listen.

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