The importance of clean bedding in the hotel

No matter how well you run a hotel, the beds here are definitely within budget, and clothing can become a nuisance to customers if not professionally cleaned. Since most people bring and leave all sorts of pollutants, this is not a problem you want to confuse. Failure to clean the sheets may lead to a complete lack of renewal (not appreciated by the customers) or worse to an attack on animals such as balloons (customers running and shouting).

Cost benefit

In addition to an excellent gross final product, a professional care service suitable for your laundry can save you money in the long run. Maintaining your home laundry operation is a very expensive affair. Operating and maintenance costs of boilers, washing machines, irons, presses and dryers are very high, except for hot water and detergents. This does not include the salaries of the people who run and operate the laundromat. Alternatively, consider all the sheets you already need to throw away. Overall, you can probably save this job by leaving the professionals.




Having the right professional cleaner to clean your fibers is a silly way to avoid problems like blisters. If you wash at home, there is a risk that contamination due to the uniforms of your hotel staff will be restored all the time (for which you can also do professional cleaning). Since nothing in the hotel is more attractive, it is of paramount importance to think cleanly about clean sheets containing small, itchy animals.


Long-term benefits


Once you find a professional laundry company that you trust that will clean your clothes and maybe your uniform, you can relax in the sense that your customers will be satisfied with clean and tidy beds. Your hotel will be protected from the catastrophic risk of accumulating a reputation for lack of cleanliness, and you will be able to get rid of the terrible and expensive task of spending and paying for your laundry equipment and staff. All the effort invested in your business is really visible and you do not have to constantly replenish your inventory for reuse.


Thank you for staying the winter as we spend more time at home to avoid this. This will allow the bacteria to spread more easily in the home office and back and create a pleasant winter. Severe illnesses can cause flu and colds, but fortunately both can be prevented Assainissement île de France.

Some common and (sometimes) unusual ways to run your workplace are very popular:

  1. Disinfect the phone.

The phone is especially full of germs on the keyboard. You can buy a perfect software tool that kills 99.9% of bacteria called Violet Cell UV Disinfectant. Alternatively, if you have an old desk phone at home, repeat the exercise as mentioned above.

  1. Keep the toilet clean.

This is the first way to prevent the spread of bacteria, so make sure employees and customers wash their sanitation work often. To help with this decision, make sure you have enough soap and dry towels.

  1. Clean the keyboard.

Your keyboard perfectly collects bacteria and germs, so please keep it clean to prevent the bacteria from spreading. You can also use a disinfectant or spray the disinfectant on the clothes and go out. This is a great way to prevent disease this winter.

  1. Vaccinate

This is the best way to prevent the flu. (I hope they have a good inventory)

  1. Verilux Clean Wave Healing Wand.

I’ve never heard of it, but the future is mine. I find it very sweet to kill the bacteria in the horn that appear on many surfaces using ultraviolet rays of blue light. The Verilux Cleanwave Wand is an easy, all-in-one disinfectant solution for your home or office. It safely removes 99.9% of microorganisms, viruses, bacteria, allergens and worms, flea eggs and all surfaces of the house and odorless fabrics and furniture, carpets and textiles.

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