The Musician’s Life Is Like Water Vapor , It Rises & Disappears By KidCaliMDMG

Two main elements of a good rap are voice and rhythm. This already marks a good start, if you succeed in placing your words while managing your intonation perfectly (accelerating and optimizing the well-known “Flow” is coming later). He knows above all the basic elements of singing: to relax his neck and face, to breathe and to practice his voice properly. For example, warm-ups are needed in all forms, including this. The diction in rap is critical: you must find your own style and each singer has its own style. However, before such a step is made, the basic methods must be completely understood. There are a few exercises that anyone can train fast.

The Griots of West Africa gave rhythmical poetry on drums and other instruments as dates back to African centuries before Hip Hop Music existed. Rap is basically poetry performed in a groove. Hip hop in its purest form. He will take you all the steps you need to become a successful rapper in this inscrutable. You might do classic rap in no time if you take all the required steps.

Rap, while recently, is not new: it was born in the 1970s of the hip-hop revolution. It has evolved since then, and in particular in the 1990s emblematic figures such as Eminem have been democratized. This genre excites vocations, of course: how can you in LA, like KidCaliMDMG, become a good rapper? Above all, you must be able to sing very well and, contrary to certain prejudices, this is not just a question of singing… Here are the main strategies to effectively master rap!

Then, once you know how to sing, it must go to the right groove. There have been a variety of tips for this: listen to songs without concentrating on the texts and focusing on rhythm, start with a metronome. You imitate bass or snare drums with your lips, in particular: your mouth turns into drums so you understand how the stronger rhythm is appreciated.

For example, you can quickly place a plastic pen between your teeth. You have to do well to express the syllable and translate words in spite of this big handicap. Much more fascinating is the dictionary games that children sometimes have to play with. They can be used with “tongue twisters.” ‘Test your ability to talk with this form of training well, because you know that there are several more such sentences online.

Justice is done to the little-known musician who opens with this cryptic sentence a text on the stages and behind the scenes of a land in Egypt devolved to the world of artisanal musical production. I hadn’t noticed much of this conversation, but this little phrase which reappears today after three years of going to the center is disturbingly banal. What vision does it reflect of the “social drama of work” which leads musicians to constantly negotiate their status in order to maintain their dignity vis-à-vis their audience and members of city society in general?

Imitation may be used by those wishing to enter rap as a self-taught human. First of all, you choose a song you well know and enjoy – you love playing with your favorite music! Memorize the entire verse or chorus, follow the rhythm of the speaker and flow carefully, all signs of pronunciation are remembered. If you think you’ve correctly decrypted the passage, try reproducing a capella. This is a perfect way to test your ability to keep pace first. When you feel more comfortable, try an instrumental version of the hit. Feel free to listen to the broadcast, to hear the little details, and then to correct yourself.

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