The Planetary Information Engine, a New Science Wiki for the Future

Have you ever wondered what humanities’ prospects for colonizing mars another planet are? Should we build a base on Mars or the Moon first? Can we terraform another planet in our lifetime? What celestial objects will the James Webb Telescope image first? These are some challenging questions that humans face today. And not just scientists, but the average person as well.

Space and planetary science are collaborative efforts that everyone can contribute to. That is the goal of the Information Engine ( – an open science framework for generating useful information in a scientific context. The goals of the Information Engine are similar to those laid out by Hari Seldon in Isaac Asimov’s classic tale – Foundation. If humanity could start over from scratch, how would we do it? How could we better use science to shape and form society in a helpful way? Well, we’d need a systematic method of cataloging information in a way that is useful to both scientists and the citizens who use that information in their day to day lives. This wiki is the first step in that direction.

By establishing a systematic method of categorizing scientific information, the Info Engine aims to fill in the gaps in human knowledge where undirected platforms, like Wikipedia, have largely failed. While Wikipedia is a useful repository of information, how that information is formatted and used is not necessarily in the most efficient way, thus the scientific community largely avoids its use. But what if a wiki existed with the same effort level as Wikipedia, but with the overarching goal of scientific excellence? Well, there is really only one way to find out – to build it! That is why I have founded the Planetary Information Engine, a science wiki for all people of Earth.

Join the Engine today and help build a better future for Earth and beyond.

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