Tips for writing Poetic rhymes

Writing has always been something that majority of people love. An easy and convenient way of expressing one’s ideas and feelings is writing. People’s familiarity with writing depends upon how deeply a person understands things. The deeply you understand the more you feel like expressing yourself. Writing has many forms and each form has its writers. Poetry is also a form of writing which involves the expression of feelings and emotions with the use of a specific style and rhythm. Look around you, there are people who are just insane about reading poetry and then there are poetry writers whose life can be labeled as the life of a dying poet, a life that is solely dedicated for poetry writing.

There are many styles in which poetry can be written and many things can be incorporated in it to produce a masterpiece of poetry. Among all these things, poetic rhymes are the ones that work best for producing a quality and attractive piece of poetry. Writing poetic rhymes is not everyone’s cup of tea. You should have a better understanding of rhymes, its types, schemes, and much more. You should be aware of the tips to write poetic rhymes after knowing the above-mentioned things. We are here to give you those tips, and we are sure they must be helpful for you.

Rhyme Scheme:

A rhyme scheme is a repetition of sounds that one sees at the end of each line of the stanza. There are a lot of rhyme schemes that are used while writing rhymes in poetry. Everyone goes for the kind of scheme they are comfortable with. Rhyme scheme can be both simple and complicated. A beginner at writing rhymes should try using the simple rhyme schemes as it will help in making a base for writing poetic rhymes and will prove to be a further help in experimenting with complicated rhymes in the future.

Use different types of rhyme:

In the above heading, we talked about the different rhyme schemes that can help in writing poetic rhymes. Just like that only you should try using rhymes of different types. Rhymes are of many types like internal rhyme, alternate rhyme, and many more. You should have a better understanding and knowledge of the different types of rhymes before executing the idea of writing poetic rhymes. You can learn about rhymes through online certified courses. With better understanding and knowledge of rhyme, you can make your poetry very attractive to the reader by using the best combination of rhymes.

Play with sound repetition:

Adding poetic rhymes is not at all an easy task. For the ones who think that adding rhymes in poetry is enough to produce a masterpiece then they are wrong. Other techniques should be incorporated in your poetry to make the use of rhyme in poetry look good to the reader. The sound and rhythm of the poetry should be varied by using techniques like assonance that is also known as vowel rhyme or consonance that is the repetition of the consonant sounds. Seek a better understanding of the term used here and then try varying the sounds while writing poetic rhymes.

Vary your stanza length:

You must have read many poetries and you might have noticed that some poetry writers have a specific or say counted lengths of the stanzas. They won’t ever be ready to compromise on it and this is what makes a writer unique. When one is writing poetic rhymes, he should go for varying stanza lengths. This helps in adding more rhymes and removes the limitation of adding rhymes as per the length of the stanza. You get the freedom of ending the stanza on the best possible rhyme that you want.

Keep a Notebook:

Have you ever noticed one thing very common among all the writers and poets? If not, let me tell you then. A notebook is a common thing I am talking about. Writing is always connected with the things you think about and with the day to day things that happen throughout your day and any idea can go through your mind on which you can produce a piece of writing and for that, it is so much important for you to keep a handy notebook with yourself. Also, any time any specific rhyme can come to your mind that should be noted at that time only.

Use a rhyming dictionary:

Many people might see this thing as cheating or stealing words that are not yours. But actually, it’s not the case. Many times we have the idea to perfectly execute the plan but there is always that one push that is needed. This is the case with using a rhyming dictionary. You can create new rhymes for your poetry with the help of a rhyming dictionary that will help you in telling rhyming end words. When you get stuck while writing poetic rhymes just take out your rhyming dictionary and get the best help from it.

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