Tips to Getting Quality Business card Print

Business card strategy of marketing products and service has been for a long time, and it’s still working well today.

Technology has really made business card to be printed with digital proof this day, and there is whole lots of features your business cards can have if the printing is done by a reputable printing company.

Recently, i ordered digital proof plastic business cards from Aura print and I was amazed with the quality of the delivery.

Today, I want to share tips for printing business cards than convert new friends to customers.

How to get High Quality Business cards for Promoting your Service

Firstly, I’m happy to tell you that no matter your level of creativity in designing a business card and your budget, if you outsource a low quality printing company, you’d not get the desired result.

After reading reviews of some of the top companies in the printing industry in the US, I decided to try Aura print, and I can vouch for the fast turnaround, friendly cost of production and quality delivery.

I like to customize my cards and handle to most parts of the design, and here are things you should put in mind while designing your business cards.

Make your business cards readable

You need to understand the age group you’re targeting very well. Increase the font if your target customers are senior adults.

You can also highlight some of the most important information with bright colors to capture their attention.

This not only applies to your address, telephone number and your internet contact details, but especially to your name.

In addition, the fact that it is easier to read makes it easier for your new friends to read the name again immediately when he or she receives the card from you.


Format your Data properly

A business card that deviates from the standard format of 85 x 55 mm may be cool and eye-catching at first look, but I assure you, this card is likely not going to last long.

Since it does not fit in a business card, in any standard case or in any box, it is either wrongly cut into pieces or disposed of when renovating office.


Folded card is better

Folded cards (four-sided) often cost only slightly more than two-sided business cards.

Of course yes, a business card can not do the selling for you, but most times, the card does the marketing and the branding for you.

For example,  you can to give some of your business cards to your friends to help you further promote your business to your potential clients.

Therefore, it’s important to take the design, logo, format, font and image very serious and sell your strength via the cards.

You should also answer the most questions your potential customers are likely going to ask you.


Use High-Quality Graphics

Image speaks more about you than text photo, and it can also be a great reminder.

Tell your photographer what you intend to do with the photos so he can work on the editing accordingly, businesspally advised.


You can do more than the standard box

If your budget covers it and you really want to get the attention of your target customers with your business cards, then think about other papers or other materials.

Sure, 300 grams per square meter of white offset cardboard is not that expensive – but only standard.

You can do more with just one Chromolux box – just because it feels a little different.


Use QR codes

Using QR codes may not be one of the most important here, consider your target group again, and the cost of integrating it into your cards.

QR codes will make it easy to scan your contact and other information and transfer it to another database electronically.

If you make it clear that the offers behind this QR code are constantly being updated, it can be a smart advertising method and you can link to a video of yourself on YouTube, where you briefly tell the visitor something about your company.


Don’t forget your social channels

If you already have profiles on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Techpally, LinkedIn, Instagram, you can print the short links to your most active pages and profiles on the card.

Many people do not even actively think about networking with you – so make it easy for them to find you.

My social channels were clearly printed on by business cards, I also make sure I use the respective colors of the social media.

You can also use the QR code I mentioned above If you have many social channels you want to connect, create a special overview link page on your website to which you link with the QR code.


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