Tips to promote your mobile app on Social Media Platforms


Everyone uses Apps in today’s world and it’s a very handy and user-friendly option for using a website and today we will discuss how we can reach people and promote a website’s App and attract more users to download our application. We have amazing 8 tips for the same.

Mobile Applications:

Mobile applications have become very important for all the users who are internet friendly. And we have approximately around 2.5 million applications available in the Google App store to date. Those numbers are quite huge, and increasing day by day. So attracting customers to your application would be difficult because the competition is extremely high and attracting customers from a similar niche you will get very difficult. Therefore to deal with this difficulty and attract maximum users so that they download our application is needed for your business, you really need to create an excellent strategy to promote your app on various social media platforms the all the things you’ll learn in digital marketing course.

Today we will be discussing the various strategies to promote your mobile applications on various Social Media Platforms and we have effective 8 tips for you. Let’s get started!!

1) Website

Before Launching a Mobile Application you should definitely have your website up and running and successful so that the users trust you and they do not consider you as a fake deal. Your Website should talk about your application and always give the users option to download your application on their mobile phones and your application should make your job easier. You should promote your application on your website and it should not be a last-minute decision your website should focus completely on your application and make users believe it’s a part of your site only.

2) Social Media Platforms

Promoting your website on various social media platforms is an amazing strategy as almost everyone who uses the internet is also a part of social media platforms and it’s an amazing way to promote mobile applications. We have two ways that can help us to promote our Mobile applications on social media and them Organic Promotions and Paid Promotions.


Organic promotions mean attracting users without spending any amount of money on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Twitter, etc. You can create genuine accounts on these above platforms and start following the people you think could be your target audience and share relevant information and do not share anything irrelevant. Relevant information will attract users and make them download your application if they found you genuine.

PAID PROMOTIONS– Paid promotions clearly mean running Ads on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, etc. and targeting a huge audience.

3) Public Relations

Public Relations is an important part of marketing and also for digital marketing. There are few best practices you can follow to promote your applications to a very huge audience and can get the desired response. Let’s talk about these amazing techniques.

  1. a) You can organize a press conference and organize a Press release of your app.
  2. b) The other way is to host a party to launch you’re and invite people you think can be beneficial for your app’s promotion and increase its users. 
  3. c) Connect with newspapers and bloggers related to your Niche.
  4. d) Guest blogging is an excellent technique to promote your mobile application.

4) Optimization of App 

Just like a blog you can also optimize your Application in the App Store and the ways you can Optimize your applications are as follows:- 

  1. a) Always keep an attractive name of your app that attracts users.
  2. b) Keyword optimization is again an effective way.
  3. c) Write a nice and brief description of your app along with the relevant keywords.
  4. d) Always make a few short videos and take a few screenshots giving the details of the app so that users get to know about it.
  5. e) Get Positive ratings from your users by timely promoting them about the ratings.

5) Search Ads 

You can run search ads on search engines to attract users and your app is visible on the internet if they are aware of your website then search ad is an excellent way of promotion and getting a great response.

6) Endorsements

If you have a budget and you have connections with the influencers then you can make them endorse your website and the people who follow these celebrities and influencers will definitely download your application and this is an amazing way for its promote and increase the number of users, but for this, you should have a great budget.

7) Video Ads

The best way to promote your app is through running Video ads on search engines, social media platforms Youtube, between different games, App store and video ads are the best way to promote your Mobile applications since they will provide a better understanding of the users and they will eventually download your application. 

8) Remarketing or Retargeting

Remarketing is a new strategy that is gaining popularity amongst the users and digital marketers lot and remarketing is basically retargeting and is a user visits your website, remarketing will target the audience on different platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, etc. learn digital marketing from dg royal is Asia #1 institute providing the best digital marketing course in Delhi  Therefore if the user is approached with relevant information several times on different platforms it will definitely increase the visibility of the application and it would increase the chances that the users will download and also refer to their friends 


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