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Top 7 Influencer marketing trends to be followed in 2021

2020 has been a heck year for everyone. Due to the pandemic, most of the things from school, college, office to pharma, shopping, etc., turned towards the virtual model. People started molding their lifestyle according to it. 

During this period, the entertainment sources of peoples became video channels like YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Moj, and many more. It gave a boost to the influencers and content creators. Studies revealed that there was an exponential growth in the use of these video platforms all around the world. Even the short videos like YouTube shorts, Instagram reels, Moj, TikTok, etc., attracted a lot of audience towards it. 

It is said that videos are the best way to spread any message rather than writing over it. It takes more time to read rather than to see. Also, when we see something, our brain processes it and captures an image of it, thereby we are more likely to remember the things that we see. These all factors helped the influencers during the pandemic to grow and expand their reach.

The creative content that influencers make tends to attract a lot of audience towards them as well as help them keep engaged. Due to this reason, the marketers found it a great tool to grow their business. In a short video or in a concise way, the influencers elaborate any lengthy topic mentioning the details. It is one of the best practice that the content creators follow.

Looking at these, we are gathered here to discuss the influencer marketing trends that will outshine in 2021. But before that, there might be questions on your mind that if influencer marketing is really effective or not. Let me clear this first for you.

Is influencer marketing effective?

Well, I will just mention some of the points and later leave it up to you to decide whether it is effective or not.

  • Due to the excessive views of video channels on different platforms, the views of influencers are rising.
  • The influencers are the ones with whom the audience shares their trust bond. Therefore, they trust the brand or business related to the influencer.
  • The influencers creatively organize the brand and therefore people stay engaged with their video.
  • Not only these, but the influencers also organize giveaways, contests, reviews, and many other campaigns to promote the business.
  • Also, they are a great method for the companies to achieve their campaign whether it be increasing sales, creating brand awareness, generating leads and conversions, and so on.
  • Choosing an influencer of the same niche helps in getting the target audience in their fanbase.
  • It is responsible for generating a good ROI.
  • They are available at affordable prices and not charging millions of dollars like celebrities.

I hope you got the idea of how effective influencer marketing is by looking at the above-mentioned points. Now, with the increase in its demand, it is also getting great investments and got a really high investment in 2020. The next question that comes to the mind of most people is about the market size of influencer marketing.

What is the market size of influencer marketing in India?

Alt tag- Influencer market growth size in india

As per the estimates, it is near about INR 200 crores to INR 300 crores. It is reported that the figure is increasing every year. So, the expanded market of influencers is due to the result that it shows. The influencer marketing strategies showed that there will be a remarkable increase in the budget of influencer marketing. According to the reports on the influencer marketing strategies in 2021:-

  • Nearly 37% of influencers will increase their budget.
  • Also, the major source of the effectiveness of influencer marketing is via Instagram that is 69%. After that, there are many more sources like Youtube with 11%, Blogs with 7%, Facebook with 5%, Twitter with 1%, and various other sources with 7%.
  • About 19% of companies are going to spend half of their marketing budget on influencer marketing.
  • Snapchat is the least effective tool in influencer marketing.
  • Instagram posts have resulted as the most effective method with 79% market demand. It is followed by Instagram stories that are 77% and then follows YouTube video, Instagram video, and so on.
  • Beauty and fashion influencer marketing is ruling above all. Most of the market is captured by them using influencers.

Now, it is time to write about the top 7 influencer marketing trends in 2021.

Influencer marketing trends in 2021

1. Content creator as the preferred one:- Most of the companies focus on not just amplifying their brand, they tend to put more value on the content creators. The content creators will be the ones who are going to put their efforts into making the content an engaging one for the audience. So, the companies want someone with creative skills to make a memorable mark on the mind of the audience just after looking at the video or the post.

2. Short videos rather than lengthy ones:- People tend to lose their patience in watching long videos, so short videos are trending in the market. Instagram reels, Facebook stories, and shorts on YouTube are capturing tons of views in just a short time. So, it will be a better option to choose a short and crisp video over a lengthy one. Make sure that the video covers all the points and details about your brand or product.

3. Influencers collab:- Collaboration with different AR filters and production houses will add more quality to the content created by the influencers.

4. Paying attention apart from the social channels:- No doubt, social media is a place where most of the engagement is achieved. But, rather than this, there are many other mediums through which an influencer can gather more audience. These are through websites, pages of the products, mobile applications, etc.

5. Social commerce will rise:- The posts and videos by the influencers redirecting to the eCommerce store or the product page will result in a higher return than anything else. In this way, the brands are willing to put more effort into creating shoppable content through influencer campaigns or posts. Including live streams and endorsement by the influencers will boost up the business.

6. Optimization of SMO in the right way:- The brands can use the influencer content to get discovered soon. Using Social Media optimization in the right way will help the brands in achieving their target and get viewed on the top page of search results.

7. Bring micro-influencers on the market:- Micro-influencers and nano influencers have a great connection with their followers base. Therefore, getting them on board will benefit the firms in the longer run. Making communities with them will make a remarkable impact on the audience as well as growing the market.

Above, we discussed the trends that will be going to persist in 2021. Now, the question arises that “What is the future of influencer marketing?”

Well, the answer is crystal clear before you. If you check the market size presented in this article, you are going to find the answer by itself. With the rise in this market, it will continue to grow. Even the number of influencers will grow. Also, it is affordable and resulted in a great ROI. Along with the growing budget of influencer marketing, it is seen to grow more in the upcoming years.

Hence we can say that until and unless another method arrives in the market, it is hard to overtake influencer marketing in the next years.

How to overcome the challenge of getting influencers on board?

Most people suffer the common problem. Talking about the influencers is simple but approaching them is not everyone’s cup of tea. The influencers stay busy with their schedule and therefore asking them for collaboration may be a tough task for most organizations.

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