Kedarkantha winter trekking

Top Five Treks In India You Must Do in 2021

Roopkund Trek

One of the popular treks of the Chamoli district in the state of Uttarakhand lies Roopkund trekking spot at an altitude of about 5029 m above sea level. This place is said to be both mysterious, adventurous, and thrilling Roopkund Lake Trek and ever offered. It place is famous for its 500 human skeletons which were found at this place which it is believed to date that those old skeletons belong to the people of the Palaeolithic Age.

Due to which this lake is popular as the Mysterious lake. Some of the highlights of this place are those of the glittering waterfalls, beautiful meadows, and other places namely that of the Bedni Bugyal. It is said to be a moderate trek that takes about 8 – 9 days to complete Most of the trekkers love the climb to the Chang Ma mountain which is actually fully covered with snow. There are several routes that can be taken to reach the Roopkund trekking spot amongst which the Lohajung pass is a common one. 

Kedarkantha Trek

The popular Kedarkantha winter trekking spot is at an altitude of 12500 feet and covers a distance of 20 km. The Kedarkantha trek is titled the “Queen of winter” and it truly is. It has some mesmerizing views from the top of the mountain, snow that is knee-deep, and also some of the amazing and also easy trails which are added points to the same.

The tracking of this mountain begins at the Sankri village. The trekkers get a chance to pass through some of the highlights such as the lush green meadows, charming villages, sky knocking peaks, scented pine forest, cosmic sky, snowy paths, mythological worship places, and the rushing rivers. 

It almost takes 6-7 days to complete the same, which is said to be an easy to moderate trekking journey. This is a true Paradise for photographers to capture some of the magic dust that falls from heaven as snowfalls.

There are some of the campsites which are unique and beautiful under the open starry sky. Juda Ka Talab is also under this tracking spot which is said to be a frozen lake and also the place where Lord Shiva meditated. 

Dodital Trek

At a maximum altitude of about 3085 m in the Garhwal region of the Himalayas lies the Dodital trekking spot. The name of the same came from a rare Himalayan trout which is known to be Dodi in their local language. Dodital is said to be the most beautiful trekking spot in North India.

This trek begins from a sleepy and small village known as a Sangam chati and goes up on a climb to a steep mountain range into the Agoda settlement. Passing through forests of oak, bamboo, rhododendron, and pine are some of the highlights of the Dodital trekking spot.

It takes about 7 to 8 days to complete this trekking journey. This place has some eye-warming and splendid landscapes, the view of the valley in the distance, and the birds chirping are some of the added points to the same. Once the trekkers reach the Dodital lake it is amazingly beautiful that the moderately difficult trek would make it worth completing.

The pure blue, crystal clear, silent water of this lake is what adds tranquillity to the environment around it. A few of the avifauna which are found here are brown fronted woodpecker, grey tit, Himalayan babbler, bush robin, and red-billed blue magpie. 

Green Lake Trek

At an altitude of about 5050 m above sea level lies a trekking spot known as Green lake treks in the north Sikkim of the Himalayas. This is said to be one of the places which showcase the beauty of nature in its raw form. By the suggestion of most of the trekkers, it is said that the journey to this place is a difficult one and not all trekkers can complete it. 

The landscape here is highlighted with some of the beautiful meadows, dense forest, icy lakes, and also the mountain ranges. Mount Kanchenjunga and other Majestic peaks are the reason by which this place has the name green lake.

The trekkers get a chance to sight some of the incredible places such as the Mangan, Phodong Monastery, Kabi Longstok, Lachen and Changthang, and many more places. This is said that trekking from Zema to Talem is having the best trials of this place it. It almost takes 13 to 14 days to complete this trekking journey.

Rupin Pass Trek

At an altitude of about 4657 m lies the Rupin pass trek in the Garhwal region of the Himalayas and Kinner Kailash ranges. It is said that this journey is a moderately difficult one and is certainly not recommended to beginners. Dhaula of the Uttarakhand region is where this trekking journey begins and goes up to the Sangla region of the Himachal Pradesh. 

Trekkers who love surprises in a classic way Rupin pass trek is a perfect choice. While trekking, they get to walk through meadows, snowy fields, glacial valleys, snowy bridges, and a large number of waterfalls. This journey ends after 9 days of having a lot of memories to carry back home.

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