Top Most Reasons You Shouldn’t Skip Home Inspection

Buying a house is considered to be one of the most daunting and tedious tasks. You’ll find yourself searching for the right house for several months before making the final offer. Once the offer is made and is also accepted, the house owner (you) will have to go through a lot of hoops before the deal is closed. One of the important factors is a complete house inspection. Home inspection is a process that ensures that each and everything of the house is properly functioning or are there any things that need to be repaired before you move in. This is one of the top reasons to hire a home inspector.

A lot of house owners overlook home inspection, which is not a good idea at all. In this comprehensive article, we’ve compiled a list of the topmost reasons why you shouldn’t skip home inspection at all.

Reasons Why Home Inspection Is Important

Like most of the house owners, you might also be tempted to skip a home inspection. Just because the exterior side of the house looks neat and clean. Below are 10 good reasons why you should get one as soon as you make an offer for the house.

They’ll Inspect Expensive Issues

There is no doubt about the fact that you’ll fall in love with a house for many reasons. The size of the house is enough for your family, there is a pool outside in the yard, and the layout of the kitchen is just impeccable. The house might look good as new, but there might be a lot of problems hidden. 

You can hire the best roofing inspections in Reston to climb on the roof and discover real and expensive issues that could jeopardize the safety of the people living in it. 

This is one of the top reasons to hire a home inspector before you finalize the deal. 

You Get More Ways To Get Out Of Deal

When it comes to buying a house, there is a lot of legal paperwork that needs to be done prior to finalizing the deal. Well, when a professional home inspector examines the house and submits a report to you, you can then again renegotiate with the seller of the house.

This is because the inspector has reported some major issues of the house. Now you can either get all the issues repaired by the current owner of the house, or you can ask them to reduce the cost of the house. 

If the seller of the house is not agreeing on either one point, you can always back out from the deal. To be honest, you want to buy a house that is safe to live in, right?  

They’re Cost-Savvy 

Keep in mind that cost is not at all an impeding factor when it comes to home inspection. A professional home inspector can charge you from $300 – $500. However, the cost of the inspection venture will vary on the size of the house. 

Hiring a home inspector to examine the condition of the house might seem to be waste of time or a burden on your budget, but in reality, they’ll be saving you from paying $1000+ for repairs or even replacements. 

So, you should never think that hiring a home inspector is a waste of time and money.

They’ll Inform You About Leaks And Structural Damage 

One of the best reasons to hire a home inspector is that they will examine the structural elements of your home thoroughly. However, if the structure of the house is not sound and sturdy, the report will highlight the issues.

Remember that the structural problems are considered to red flags whenever buying a house. So, if the report has highlighted the structural issues of the house, you should not consider buying it at all costs.

Did you know that a roof replacement can cost you more than $10,000? That’s right, the roof replacement is considered to be one of the most expensive home maintenance venture. You can either hire a professional home inspector or hire the best roofing inspectors in Reston to examine the condition of the roof. If the roof has leaks or any other issues, you need to talk them out with the seller. Negotiate the price or leave the deal at once.

Safety Is Their Top Priority 

One of the top reasons to hire a home inspector is that they make sure the house is safe to live in. the home inspectors will not only look at the roof and structural issues of the house but will also inspect the electrical system, plumbing system, and gas system.

Frankly speaking, you will never like to live in a house that has unsafe electricity, right? 

What more? The home inspectors will also conduct a Radon test in the house. Radon is one of the odorless gases, and its exposure to it can cause a lot of respiratory and lung issues.

The Maintenance Cost 

Even if you plan on buying a new house, its things will tend to wear out in time. When it comes to putting together the budget of the house, you also need to consider its maintenance cost. The cost of maintenance will depend on the condition of the house.

A newly built house will not need a lot of money for maintenance, whereas, an old house will require time to time maintenance. 

They Can Negotiate The Leverage 

Once the inspector has provided you with the inspection report, you can sit down with the seller of the house and ask him to get them fixed, or you have the option to renegotiate the price of the house. 

You have the inspection report, so you have the ball in hand; either pay a lower price while buying the house, or leave the deal.

You Get Peace Of Mind

An inspection report will get you instant peace of mind. This is because before finalizing the deal, you know all the issues of the house, which means that will not get any major surprises after you move into the new house. 

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