What is IDM (Internet Download Manager), How to use it?

What is Internet Download Manager and how does it use it ? IDM, commonly known as IDM, is a file download software with advanced features, which has become indispensable for Windows users and has been preferred by millions of people for many years.

Being able to integrate perfectly into the Windows operating system, being able to integrate with new generation browsers without any action, paves the way for IDM to be superior to all other file download programs. In this article, we will give important information about how to use IDM in the most effective way. We explained what IDM is. Now let’s explain how to use idm.

What is IDM, How is it used?

The most popular feature of IDM is its ability to download a video from any website with a single click. Also, the different resolution of the videos is not a problem for IDM.

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For example, if a video has different resolutions such as 480p, 720p on the same page, you have the opportunity to choose the resolution you want to download with IDM. Here, the most important advantage of IDM is that it automatically detects videos and the phrase ” Download this video file ” appears in the upper right corner of the video . Here is the IDM video download process with step-by-step visuals …

Step 1: Open the web page with the video you want to download and play the video. (In order for IDM to detect the video, the play button usually needs to be pressed.) After the video starts playing, IDM detects the video regardless of the extension and the “Download this video file” tab appears in the picture below . Click on this tab.

Step 2: A window like the one below will appear for the download to be started. Click the “Start Download” button.

Step 3: After downloading the video with IDM , you will see a screen like the one below. You can open the video directly on this screen, or you can move the video to any folder you want with the drag area inside the black ring.

You have successfully downloaded any video file with IDM . This video file can be a 2.5 megabyte video as shown in the picture, or a movie file of several gigabytes. Similarly, you can download MP3 files with IDM. In addition, IDM automatically takes over the file downloads made through the browser. These downloads cover dozens of file formats such as ZIP, PDF, RAR.

IDM File Save Location

Along with the how to use IDM problem, the question of where to save IDM files is also wondered by many Windows users. To access the files downloaded and saved by IDM, go to My Computer section and select the “Downloads” folder from the file directory on the left . IDM classifies downloaded files into different folders such as Video, Music, Programs, Documents.

Advantages of Using IDM

The interface of IDM , classification of files on files, and the ability to download videos and music with one click are of course very nice and functional features. However, the main issue where IDM stands out is that it increases the download speed. Because a standard browser file download system can only download via one channel. However, IDM achieves the maximum number of channels possible (2, 4, 8, 16…), allowing the download speed to increase multiple and fold. This allows the internet connection to be used much more efficiently.

IDM Also Available For Chrome Extension For Download Any thing With Using IDM google Chrome.

In this article, we have given some general and technical details about IDM. We have mentioned a few important points regarding the general use of IDM. We will be happy to assist you in case you have any problems with both the installation and use of IDM.

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