What is the best age to get a transplant

The best age to get a Hair Transplant is 30 years but the ones who want to cure this concern quickly can get the treatment at a minimum age of 25 years. Complications would occur if you experience this technique so earlier!

We all love having beautiful, thick, and silky hairs but most of us suffer from hair loss which is the condition that shouldn’t be ignored. However, it’s not certain that only men suffer from this concern women can have this problem too. But Baldness is most commonly found in men so they start seeking the appropriate treatment. Experts prefer undergoing the Hair Transplants but you can’t get hair transplants at an early age. There is some specific period on which you can get this transplant, this article will clear your doubts and fears regarding the age periods by discussing the details regarding what is the best age to get a Hair Transplant? Continue reading to discover more.

Hair Transplants

Hair Transplant is the popular technique that aims to restore the hair growth by extracting the patients’ hair follicles from the donor area (backside of the head) to place carefully on the region where the hair is supposed to grow. The two main techniques fall under hair transplant include:

  1. FUE (Follicular unit extraction)  
  2. FUT (Follicular unit transplantation)

What is the best age to get a Hair Transplant?

Every person has different hair concerns and health conditions so it’s difficult to determine the exact age for getting Hair Transplants. As it’s a non-invasive practice, anyone can experience this but don’t decide anything without discussing details from the doctor. However, a board-certified doctor won’t recommend undergoing this practice until you’re 21 years old. A person should be mature enough and have a complete understanding of the procedure to become applicable for this procedure. However, the age period of 18 is also advised but also it’s considered too early to get a Hair Transplant. FUE hair transplant in Dubai 

The best age to get a Hair Transplant is 30 years because most of the men suffer from baldness during their 30s so they seek for right Hair Transplant option after consulting with the doctor. However, at this period, people become mature and can bear the minor complications of treatment so we can say that at this age people can get Hair Transplant without any fears.

Balding or receding Hairline can occur at any age but now the time has gone that people have to live their whole life with that flaw. They can get different treatments including transplants however the right one will be recommended from the doctor with the specific age period after undergoing the medical details and individual goals.

What is the minimum age requirement? Why youngsters aren’t advised for this surgical technique?

Many people are curious to know about the minimum age requirement for Hair Transplant because everyone wants to get off this annoying condition as early as they can. Hair transplants aren’t usually suggested for young men who are having Congenital Alopecia, they are advised to take medication like Minoxidil which helps in soothing male pattern baldness.

According to the experts of Hair Transplant, the age of a minimum of 25 years is a must to experience this surgical technique. This is because when these transplants are done at a young age, the surrounding hairs are progressively lost which can lead you to an unnatural appearance so that’s why youngsters aren’t advised this treatment. Still, if you acquire such Hair Transplants at the age which is less than the standard age period, the outcomes won’t be much satisfied and you might find yourself in the need for another surgery. So must get the treatment at the correct time and enjoy life comfort!

Several Other Factors!

Not only the aging, but several other factors can also lead you to complex concerns. An expert will suggest you get FUE or FUT technique however people who face extreme baldness concerns will be advised to get FUT which is the minimal invasive practice as compared to the FUE, that doesn’t require any incisions. Another key consideration is examining the amount of donor area so the people who have well enough growth in their backside of the head can get the Hair Transplants. But in some cases, the hair follicles are also extracted from the armpit, abdomen, or arms according to the thickness of the hair.

Wrapping up!

This post comes to the conclusion that the best age to get a Hair Transplant is 30 years but if someone faces extreme baldness problems at their early age and wants to cure them immediately, the minimum age requirement would be 25 years. To eradicate post risk difficulties and complications it’s highly advised to avoid getting Hair Transplants when you’re less than 25. However, after attending the monitoring session with the surgeon you will get to know the exact stage where treatment is necessary.

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