What is the best family location tracking app for parents?

No matter how much we would like to, we have a tendency to can’t keep our youngsters aloof from technology. Be it the iPhone or the iPad, they need become associate degree integral a part of our lives. A number of the faculties have created the iPad or tablets obligatory for preparation and remote lessons. These advances have created parenting a painful task. As a result of like all technologies, this conjointly has aspect effects.

Although the iPhone and iPad have the Screen Time feature, it’s still within the early stage. This has junction rectifier several oldsters to hunt another to screen time. However recently, Apple cracked down on a number of the known parental management apps as they were misusing the MDM certificate. However, there’s a trustworthy parental app known as FamiSafe Parental control app that strictly follows the app store’s policy concerning the utilization of the MDM certificate.

To validate your claim and conjointly see what the app offers, we have a tendency to test it for per week. Below are our findings and reviews on the FamiSafe Parental control App and learn how you will   track a cell phone  using this application to keep your family and kids safe from any unethical app or website.

Location detection

One of the most important fears for folks is once their youngsters’ are out of their sight. Also, no parent will forever keep them ahead of their eyes all the time. The sole answer to the current drawback is to possess live pursuit on your device. You, at least, have to be compelled to shrewdness to trace a telephone. FamiSafe offers this feature and it works utterly.

All you wish to try to be alter the pursuit feature among the app, and you’ll see wherever your kid is in period of time. This can be notably helpful for folks once their youngsters play outside or after they travel long distances to high school.

Location history

Another concern for folks is ensuring their youngsters don’t comprise the incorrect company. In most cases, youngsters go the incorrect means after they hang around with the incorrect folks. With the placement history feature of the app, you will recognize wherever your kid was at a precise time. If you discover one thing suspicious, you’ll discuss with them and solve it.

Alerts not as safe

This is one in all the foremost innovative options of the appliance. Permits oldsters to mark specific locations as safe. It is your home or faculty. Once the kid is aloof from the areas marked as safe, oldsters are alerted. You will add multiple geo fences supported your kid’s travel plans.

Content filtering

Another concern for folks is that the content offered on the web. In spite of however sensible Google or YouTube is, they can’t filter content on a private level. One thing smart for them might not be appropriate for folks. Fortuitously, the FamiSafe application permits you to line totally different conditions for filtering content.

The app already contains huge information of internet sites with adult content or gambling games, however you’ll conjointly manually add different websites that you just could realize that’s not appropriate for your youngsters. Concerning YouTube, you will hook up with your kid’s YouTube account and see what videos you’re looking, what channels they need signed to, then act consequently.

Screen time

The options mentioned on top of are a lot of pursuit stuff; however you’ll conjointly set restrictions to limit smartphone use. You will prohibit specific applications or set a world timer for smartphone use. This can be one in all the simplest ways in which to avoid iPhone or iPad addiction. Additionally thereto, you’ll conjointly schedule the screen time feature for specific times like faculty time, study time, or sleep time.


The application isn’t free, chiefly because of the exertions endowed in developing it. There are many subscription choices offered on the App Store. Betting on your demand, you’ll subscribe it.

One month: $ 9.99 (up to five devices protected)

Three months: 19.99 (up to ten devices protected)

One year: $ 59.99 (up to thirty devices protected)

At first look, the annual subscription fee appearance costlier however actually, it’s cheaper. A yearly subscription means that you simply need to pay $ five / month. Not solely that, however the power to safeguard the device has conjointly been considerably accrued, up to thirty devices. Interested? you’ll transfer the app via the subsequent three links:


FamiSafe may be a versatile tool that creates it straightforward for you to regulate all of your children’s on-line activities. As a sway device, FamiSafe not solely functions as a toddler hunter however conjointly as a web activity controller and educates however your youngsters ought to treat the web. For as very little as $ 9.99 / month, you’ll get a range of helpful options that considerably minimize any risks related to victimization the web. Of course, this can be terribly value considering.

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