Pest control 

What to do before and after pest control?

Pests are a real headache to an owner of a house, they enter the threshold of the house with many troubles, starting from causing the yucky feeling to a number of diseases. One can exercise many home remedies or hygiene tricks but getting a pest control service done for the house is one way that assures these pests to shirk away from your house. In this article, we discuss certain things that one should keep in mind before and after getting pest control done to their house.

What is pest control?

Pests refer to the species of the animal kingdom that are identified as causing an adverse effect on human activities. Pest control refers to the act of managing and regulating the interaction of these species with humans in different ways, such as expulsion, physical removal, etc.

Preparation before the treatment:

  • Home preparation:
  • Cover all the open items, it is better to pack all your items in a bag or in cartons and seal them, any item left open may absorb pesticides particles which can be harmful, thus it should be made a point to hide away everything.
  • Clear all the corners of the house, so that the pest control can be penetrated deep into every nook and corner of the house effectively and that there is no side untouched of the service being received.
  • Move furniture:

Before getting pest control done, one should move the furniture and clean the infected area well, the furniture should be kept three to four feet away from the walls, or kept away until the service is done so that the work for the exterminator is made easy.

Mop and scrub:

While the moving of the furniture is being done, the owner of the house should get the floors of the house scrubbed and mopped, it increases the pace of the treatment and ensures its effectiveness. It helps in removing hidden ticks and its eggs and helps in removing visible insects. Special attention should be provided to the cracked entries of the house and after the cleaning is done, the appliances that were used in cleaning such as the vacuum cleaner, mops, and other items should be cleaned well and kept down to avoid any kind of infection.

Inform your neighbors:

It is very important to inform the neighbors that your house is undergoing pest control because these days the houses are close enough to each other and by informing them, they can prepare for protecting themselves from the development of any pesticide reaction, there may be kids or pregnant ladies, elder people or people that are allergic to certain chemicals, in order to safeguard their health, the neighbors should be informed.

After the treatment:

Wait and enter:

It is possible in some cases that one has to vacate the residence for getting the treatment done, in this case, one must wait for the stipulated mentioned time and then enter the house. One must make an arrangement for the pets to stay away from the house as the chemicals may cause emotional damage to them, and they should only be brought in after sufficient time has passed.

Drain, chop, and clean:

Any area that might become the source of origination of insects such as mosquitoes, spiders, a cluttered area with standing water where cockroaches might develop or long branches of trees that touch the surface of the house and might become an entry point for mice and rats, muddy area and cracks that might let spiders and lizards in, etc., should be repaired, and cleaned so that no such penetration is possible after the treatment of pest control is undertaken.

Discard material left open:

One must discard all the material that was left open while the treatment was being undergone by the household, no matter which organic chemicals were used for the entire process, somewhere there is a scope of chemicals spoiling the material, or there can also be the possibility of some pests being left behind at some corner, therefore the leftover, uncovered material should not be used anymore.

Wait for cleaning the house:

Sometimes immediately cleaning the house after getting the treatment done may wipe away the chemicals and reduce the effectiveness of the treatment, therefore, one must avoid deep cleaning of the house simply so that the effectiveness is not reduced, also the treatment is not very messy that it causes any dirt or untidiness in the house, one needs to keep in mind that they should not store paper near the kitchen as water taps can become the entry points for pests and paper can become a source of food for them.

These few points mentioned above refer to things that one should keep in mind before and after pest control can help one in getting effective pest control treatment done.

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