Why A PMP Certification Is Important For Your Career

In the digital age, there’s a constant need to improve your skills and stay updated with your industry’s new technologies and trends. This upskilling is what sets you apart and helps you grow as an experienced professional.

A project manager’s career opportunities depend on their ability to improve over time and prove their expertise and knowledge.

The Project Management Professional or the PMP certification is one such globally acknowledged proof of the professional’s efforts as it validates his/her project management skills across industries.

This is a definite way to increase your credibility in your current organization, which will help you acquire and handle important projects in your niche and boost your pay. 

In this article, we hope to discuss the skills, resources, and other benefits you will have at your disposal as a certified specialist.

1. Eligibility

Certain certifications like the Associate in Project Management (APM) do not require any prior knowledge or experience in the domain while others such as Certified Associate Project Management or the CAPM certification caters to the needs of project managers with experience in:

  • Managing a project in its totality and performing specific duties under general supervision
  • Allocation of resources and responsibilities to the team 
  • Implementing a specific methodology in projects with predefined requirements and results

The application for PMP certification courses requires a comprehensive report of your work experience to check if you are eligible for it.

The certification exam includes 200 multiple-choice questions that have to be completed within four hours. After this, maintaining your status as a PMP certified professional would require earning 60 professional development units (PDUs) every three years.

2. Benefits Of Project Manager Certification

The certification allows professionals to apply the knowledge they have gained, irrespective of their industry or country.

The course does not focus on a particular industry or niche but provides the professionals with an understanding of the project management trends being implemented worldwide. There are a few advantages that PMP certified professionals have over others:

3. Credibility

Being a certified professional will help you stand out among the other candidates when applying for a job. It also provides credibility to the skills and knowledge that you have acquired as a part of your project management training. 

This certification is an excellent step for beginners trying to master the skill of Project Management. But it is also ideal for those looking for a promotion or an increase in their salary. 

4. Career Growth

A project management certification increases your leads to the professional being entrusted with more significant projects.

The certification helps you excel in the field of your specialization, thus opening the doors to more jobs, all over the world. If you are a beginner, you will have better chances of being hired as most organizations require project managers with a certification.

A career in project management ensures that you will take part in the growth of the ever-growing industry.

As a certified project manager, you will be exposed to professionals in your field all the time. They provide the best networking opportunity.

The process of obtaining your PMP certification online is hassle-free and ideal for professionals who already have a full-time job.

5. Skills Enhancements

For clearing the PMP certification exam, candidates have to have a comprehensive understanding of the concepts related to the role of a project manager.

During your training, the concepts of Integration Management, Scope Management, Schedule Management, Cost Management, Quality Management, Resource Management, Communication Management, and Risk Management shall be covered in detail.

You are tested on key aspects such as planning, initiating, implementing, monitoring, and controlling.

6. Higher Salary

In any field of work, certified professionals have a higher salary as compared to their non-certified colleagues. Surveys show that PMP-certified project managers tend to earn 20% more than the rest.

The money spent on PMP certification costs is completely compensated with the increment in the professional’s salary.


The skills required for the efficient handling of a large-scale project are becoming increasingly important for today’s organization.

Undergoing the PMP training will not only help you stand out among the rest of your contemporaries, but it also equips you with the knowledge and expertise to handle a project better and be an asset to your organization.

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