Why does the educational industry needs Social Learning Network?

Social learning networks have eventually developed into a leading form of learning source for not just students but also for working professionals.

We have come a long way from conventional classroom classes to online teaching platform and the main catalyst behind this transition phase is technology. Our everyday life revolves around smartphones, desktops, laptops, etc… This dependency on gadgets has taken out many conventional things from our life, newspapers being one of them, which has been replaced by digital news. Likewise, the education system also witnessed a significant phase of transition wherein old-school blackboard learning got replaced by online learning and teaching platforms, making mobile phones a capable ecosystem to conduct a full-fledged class.

Now that it is evident that we are going through an advanced era of education, let’s start probing the importance of its existence. Is it a mere gimmick of technology or we are actually in dire need of it?

Why does the educational industry needs social learning network?

The sudden outbreak of COVID made us realize many of our strengths and shortcomings but moreover, we learned the importance of technology the hard way. The education sector basically saw a lot of shortcomings with schools and colleges going into a complete non-functional mode. Luckily, we already were quite aware of the social learning platform which ultimately turned out to be the biggest support during this rough time. Apart from the prime importance of online teaching platforms during the lockdown phase, it has got a lot more to it making it equally important even in the post-CIVIL era.

Some important reasons why the educational sector requires social learning network-

Better connectivity with educators and learners across the globe

One of the prime benefits of this form of learning is that it enables collaboration. If a learner is looking forward to connecting with top educators, he/she can easily do it without even leaving the space of their home.

Likewise, if an educator is keen on expanding their online teaching business or acquires recognition for their brand name, they can connect with potential learners at once. A social learning network is a place where a wide level of learners and educators come together to form a harmonious give and take relationship where the learners get knowledge and the teacher gets potential clients. This type of digital learning and teaching ecosystem eliminates the boundaries to access capable educators.

Increases Flexibility

By learning and teaching through the means of online teaching platform the educators and learners get the advantage of scheduling and receiving the class sessions accordingly.

Also, online learning platforms have various advantages one of which is recorded classes and videos which the learner can access at any time and get briefed on the class that he/she missed. This especially turns out to be a benefit for students and teachers who are from different time zones as they can conduct or attend the session according to their timings.

Variety of Study Material

Online classes provide a variety of study material to the learners in form of PDF, videos, images, figures, etc. All the study material provided in online classes is highly informative, engaging, and updated to any current changes.

In the case of conventional learning, rarely any study material was updated as printed books were used that followed a similar pattern but this is not the case with the social learning platform. In online learning, the study material is continuously updated by skilled educators and is exclusively tailored to fit the demands of the subject.

Instant feedback and support

Students get the privilege of getting their queries resolved instantly with the help of live chat and discussion rooms. This makes the whole process of learning and teaching fast-paced which doesn’t get lagged due to delays or negligence towards problem-solving.

Also, students can constantly keep in touch with their educators through chat, phone calls, and emails. Teachers can also use this two-way communication to their advantage asking for regular feedback from their students through interactive quizzes and tests.

Interact with peers and toppers

The learning process can be slow and ineffective when done alone so an online learning platform gives preference to collaborative learning as well in which like-minded peers and same course aspirants move towards the same goal together, helping each other all through the process.

This process of learning and moving forward together motivates the learners and helps them better concentrate on learning for the exams. Also, they get to discuss ideas and topics and get help from toppers which gives rise to new and intelligent ideas.

Last but not the least, it is affordable

When it comes to conventional learning, students need to bear a lot many expenses right from traveling to accommodation and an all-inclusive heavy amount of fees.

All these financial burdens get eliminated at once when students decide to learn online. Learners only need to pay the course fees without any extra expenses. This helps in saving money and also the students can enroll in courses provided by big universities abroad.

Social learning network has evolved our education system by far making our current and future generation of students smart learners. Also, it has opened a new door of opportunity for teachers who are ambitious to give wings to their teaching business. They are not just at a benefit in terms of acquiring more learners but they also get a course creation and selling space through an online teaching platform.

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