Why is VPS Server the Best Choice for your Business Email?

Business email is nothing like your regular or personal emailing. As business email is primarily used for interactions with employees and clients containing a lot of confidential data, security and integrity of such an email service becomes very important.

Security of business emails is of utmost importance as they are the professional medium for connecting with your clients, vendors, etc.

This is why experts suggest Virtual Private Server for hosting business emails as it is one of the most secured hosting platforms.

In this blog, we will be discussing more VPS business email hosting and its benefits.

Rundown through VPS server hosting

VPS hosting server is an isolated server that works quite similar to a dedicated server. Yet a VPS server is much more affordable when compared to dedicated server hosting.

VPS server setup is designed so intelligently by making the best use of virtual technology. A physical server on a VPS platform is divided into multiple virtual compartments.

Each of these virtual compartments then hosts different websites and applications simultaneously.

This is why each partition on the VPS server’s physical server acts independently and can even have the operating system of its choice.

Why VPS hosting for your business emailing?

A business email needs less than a dedicated server and more than a shared hosting service. VPS server hosting is the best solution that one can think of.

The services of a VPS server are more dedicated and secured than a shared server, at the same time, are way more affordable than a dedicated server.

You do not need the entire power of a server yet cannot compromise by sharing it with other servers. Hence a VPS hosting plan is the perfect bridge between a dedicated and a shared server.

VPS server provides the needed power and flexibility. It offers all of this without creating any complexity and on the other hand, you get to save the cost that was spent on outsourcing hardware.

Benefits of business email hosted on VPS host

We have already learned that why VPS server hosting will be the best for your business emails. Now here we will get to know more specific benefits of hosting it over a VPS server. So, the multiple benefits are-

1. Security

The biggest of free emailing platforms have gone through security breaches. Let’s take Yahoo for example, which is one of the most popular free platforms for emailing service.

Yahoo had the world-famous security breach in 2012 that lead to its doom. Handling business email deals with your company’s integrity as well as your client’s.

Thus, compromising with security can turn out to be a disaster. A VPS server by its very design promises utmost security for your business email.

With completely separate server environment, your emails and accounts are protected from security attacks. You also get the freedom of having your security protocols customized to suit the business needs.

2. Privacy

Privacy of your business email should be the priority and the biggest reason for anyone to consider a VPS server.

A VPS server will grant you full control over your business emailing platform, accounts, emails, etc. There are many prevailing risks with the existing free email hosting services in the market.

Such email hosting services do not guarantee 100% security for your sensitive information against malicious unidentified intrusion or cyber-attacks.

There have been cases, where such emailing hosting services have used client’s information for generating revenue unethically. An email account setup on the VPS server platform does not entertain any such intrusion.

3. Performance

Many hosting services will try to lure you into free email hosting services along with web hosting. But can they guarantee top-notch performance as a VPS email hosting service?

They can’t as they offer only the basic features to support all kinds of mailing needs. The VPS server on which your business email is hosted ensures timely updates.

When such features are functional, the performance automatically improves. You can even ask for additional customized features in your VPS hosting plan.

You can ask your hosting provider to alter the configuration whenever the needs for your business change. By this, it removes all the worries when your company is thinking of upgrading or getting into a new product line.

4. Downtime

Downtime is the first casualty that occurs when there is an increase in the quantity and frequency of emails and accounts.

A single downtime can lead to catastrophic results that hampers the functionality of your business email for a long time.

Such disastrous downtime is the result of many malfunctions and cyber-attacks. A business email account will often require to communicate with outside parties and servers which may be malicious or unsecured.

When a business email is hosted over a VPS hosting server, a dedicated team is in place to monitor any malicious entry or attack. They are available 24*7 and resolve all such issues in no time.

All these benefits and features are just the tip of the iceberg. Once you will host your business email over a VPS server, you will experience unmatched convenience, performance, speed, accessibility, and scalability.

A lot of hosting companies like go4hosting.com offer VPS email hosting plans that have no restriction on the number of email accounts. So, you have the complete hosting platform to run a fleet of email addresses.

Hope this article was helpful. To know more about VPS, comment below.

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