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Writing website content with responsive design web development

Back in 2014, I actually published this post, he struggles with being able to articulate what he has learned. He uses me as a test to see if his actions, explanations and sketches are digestible by the average alpaca owner. This is a struggle because of the scientific nature of the subject.

Jason feels frustrated with this quest, but in reality, he is doing much better than the average marketer or website owner.  The Invention of Technology in the Current Era is changing day by day. They focus heavily on their target market, their current knowledge, and their ability to digest scientific information. And this is half the battle!

I believe in his ability that he can learn everything that he has digested for the people. And I hope I can take that experience and apply it to the digital aspect of my life in website building and SEO.

Below is the original content I published in 2014. This is still true and it is as important as it was then. Take the time to watch the video and listen carefully to the explanation of the mats. Matt may be remembered after his departure from Google, but his wisdom still weighs in on gold.

Sheldon and Penny

If you’ve ever seen the Big Bang Theory, you’ve probably laughed at the scenes of the dialogue between Sheldon and Penny. It’s just plain funny talking to PhD waitress Penny of Sheldon Cheesecake Factory. This is ridiculous because they are not communicating at the same level in any way and because the level of education and understanding do not match completely. It’s funny because it’s TV and it’s made for our entertainment.

The communication breakdown between Sheldon and Penny is not just a joke. It is present in our real world lives and we see it around us every day. I see it on corporate websites and when it does, it’s nothing but humor.

It’s hard to write website content

Writing website content with responsive design web development is a technique by the SEO experts. If you and your Writing website content is not for everyone and it is definitely not something you throw away as something to do for a summer intern. Sheldon and Penny are great examples of why this is so.

If you are a company that sells products and services to other companies, you are likely to be caught in a web of unmatched dialogue content for your visitors. I usually see one of the three ways that companies take when creating their website content.

PhD Writing Materials– Companies entrust the creation of content to the brightest person in the company. The idea here is that the smart person knows best about the product or service offer and will thus provide an infinite amount of valuable information. The problem with this idea is that the smartest person in the company is terrible at writing web content.

Especially the company’s product or service pages. This is because he is the only one who understands and can digest what he writes. Extremely smart people (yes I’m talking to you Dr. Sheldon Cooper) can’t write for real people like Penny or in some cases Howard. If you ask a resident PhD to write material, you need to “dumb it down” so that the average person can read and digest it.


Internship Writing– Another way I’m looking at a firm is to hire an intern or an administrative assistant. Although these people can write content that the average person can read and digest, they do not know the benefits and solutions offered by a company’s product or service offerings. These people may or may not be smart, but that’s not the problem.

The problem is in the display. This type of person is not within the company’s activities to clearly explain why a product or service is an ideal solution for any type of customer. There is not enough content for the content because the individual does not have enough data to know how the product or service relates to real world scenarios.

Status– Last but not least, leaving content in its current state. Website content that was written five years ago does not attract search engines and it certainly does not appeal to visitors. Fresh content is important and no matter how difficult it is to write website content, every minute spent on it is worth it.

Future of responsive design web development

What comes to mind when you think of the term response design? Are these mobile devices vs. desktop devices? Is it designed in a way that works on the size of the screen? Thinking of a mobile touch using a mouse? Are they resizing the components where they are placed on the page? It may be that we thought of counter-design, but it is definitely not everything.

You can also pay someone to write my research paper if you have assigned a topic on responsive website development in cheap rates.  And the way we can think of responsive design, and should be, is how responsive design affects the user context and how we are most responsive to user needs and experience.

Screen size is a small part of this context, but so are the elements when the user is accessing your application.

  • User location.
  • Light level and noise level.
  • The time (including the time zone) where they are currently.
  • How they hold the device, and how they get the best access to their device (personal settings on this device).

The future of responsive design is the context of the user in space and time, the context of their devices in space and time, and the preferences of the user on the devices mentioned in space and time. These are all things. Today’s web browsers that we access and develop give us the power to take advantage of these inputs in our design. We can now access a device’s location, light level or light preference, orientation and battery level and choose the design around these elements.


Writing website content with responsive design web development is very important. If you and your company are considering launching a new website or rebranding an existing website, take the time to plan and write solid website content with a responsive layout of the website front end for making the website user friendly and easy to tackle.

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