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Android 12 review – what’s great and what’s not

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Surprisingly Google has announced and launched enhanced operating systems of android 12 alongside the pixel6 series. So, users can upgrade pixel 2 and upcoming models. Cell phone Companies will upgrade the operating system of the devices.

Our Android tracker confirms that the new operating system is unique and the use of the phone feels much different. For several years Google has introduced and fixed changes in its operating system and design.

Android 12 is a 2021 update of Google’s Android operating system, based on the 2020 Android 11, which some smartphones do not yet have. We expect Android 12 to be fully launched by the end of 2021 and launch from there, but the said public beta is likely to come soon.

Google has announced a new hardware design language for Android 12, called Material You, which reshapes the entire user interface of the operating system. With the advent of Beta 1, it brings more round buttons, shapes and more different colors for movement and much more.

The company calls it color extraction, where you can choose a color scheme that suits your needs and it applies to the entire operating system in seconds.

This time around everything is very much united, with a pastel color palette that can be customized with a variety of options. However, once we get the beta version, our Android tracker can check how far those customizations can go through Material You.

Complete Renovation Interface

The main novelty featured in Android 12 is none other than the Material You interface is the important if you want a fresh air. The preview of the 12th version of Android has already given some small signs of significant change compared to the previous version.

Android 12 has more customization of icons, more rounded edges, stiffer elements and everything in better position. The new version of the operating system also allows you to customize the menus that suit your new colors, fading like a chameleon, which makes it versatile and goes for the same applications.

The dark mode involves significant changes, ideally if used frequently on the device at certain times of the day or kept permanently. Notification bubbles include widgets, menus, and new animations, with some changes to Windows.

Always New To The Screen

An interesting novelty apart from the interface update is the new ambient screen. The update also includes widgets with a new style, improvements to the gestures between applications, and a one-way mode. The pair of apps will allow you to set up two applications in Android 12, so when you click on one or the other, both will always open.

Android 12 As A Car Key

An interesting function of Android 12 is to be able to use the mobile device as a digital key, with the help of which you can open the car, for this the device one must have UWB (Ultra Wide Band) technology. The first users to use it will be the Google Pixel Phone and Samsung Line, which update to version 12.

The brand that will recognize the digital key with the mobile device will be the German BMW, although other well-known brands such as Honda, MG and Ford will do the same later.

New Privacy Panel

Privacy plays a key role in Android 12, a point that wants to improve after previous versions with internal options at that point. The new version of the operating system includes a menu in the privacy panel that will show you the permissions that each application is using. This new privacy panel is configurable when it comes to removing and allowing talk, it will also show when you start the device and you want to give some permission to each application used.

Android Tracker Highlight: Lower Processor Consumption

Android 12 promises lower processor consumption, up to 22%, at least that’s what one of the Google I/O 2021 engineers promised. The use of a high performance core will be reduced so that consumption is reduced and the device becomes more efficient when it comes to having a battery throughout the day.

Meanwhile, the Android 12 is apparently causing app crashes and touch response issues for some Google Pixel phone users. The update released early this week was meant to increase user experience with new Material You and other updates.

Few users have reported online that after editing their Pixel phones to Android 12, they have begun facing lag and other pesky problems, including an unresponsive touchscreen. The issues are not restricted to a unique model but influence most contemporary Pixel mobiles.



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