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Beautiful Islands in Indonesia that You Must Visit

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The country of Indonesia is an archipelago overflowing with its incredible marine potential and envies many people. The number of child hunting island Indonesia, or islands in Indonesia that are being hunted by the young people, proves this country is extraordinary.

The islands in Indonesia are even more epically beautiful than the Maldives. The beautiful island of Indonesia is also a tourist destination for foreign tourists curious about Indonesia’s beauty. Make sure to visit these epic islands on your next trip.

Rows of Beautiful Islands in Indonesia

The number of islands in Indonesia is one of the advantages of the archipelagic state and the current state of waters. For foreign tourists who come to Indonesia, make sure they also know the travel requirement to Indonesia.

Here is a row of beautiful islands in Indonesia that you must visit:

  1. Derawan Islands

Try to visit the Derawan Islands, located in East Kalimantan Province, in the Berau Regency area. Not only is it a paradise for snorkeling and diving activities, but these islands also have clear seawater.

You can see rare scaly turtles lay their eggs and green turtles. There are about four islands in this archipelago: Maratau Island, Kakaban, Derawan, and Sangakali.

The four islands have gorgeous, soft white sand beaches and stunning underwater views. You can also swim in the sea with jellyfish without stinging because it is very calm.

  1. Kei Islands

There is another beautiful island hunted by Indonesian children located in Maluku, namely the Kei Islands. These islands have become a valuable treasure for Maluku. There are so many exotic beaches there that too many tourists have not touched, for example, Waha Island and Ngurtavur Island, with beaches that have raised sand and are about 2 km long while 7 m wide and protruding towards the sea.

  1. Bawah Archipelago (Lower Side Islands)

Don’t forget the Riau Archipelago, which has one of the dream islands, the Bawah Archipelago. Although the location is close to the people of Riau, not many Riau people can visit there. The islands also have more tourists who come there and revitalize the island which usually, only middle and upper-class people can come because several rules are made on the island.

That’s why this island is called the hidden island, and many people don’t know what the natural beauty of the archipelago is. Why can only the rich access it? Because the route to get there must use a particular seaplane, and the number of visits is also limited.

Of the many beautiful islands in Indonesia, you can choose a beautiful island, transportation costs, and so on according to your budget.



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